Glamour US 2010 Covers Recap

Glamour US covers are simple. And for this past four months i’ve been their fans. Before that, my only favourite cover are the 3 different covers of Zoe Saldana, Leighton Meester and Amanda Seyfried for their April. That’s it.

But that changed since the Jennifer Lopez wearing leopard print top and sporting high ponytail in September cover. I started to buy this magazine regularly. The content is also fun to read 😀 I’m paying attention to the magazine ever since.

Sarah Jessica Parker graced the not so good January cover, squatting. I don’t like it. Katy Perry kinda increased my expectation level for Glamour US with her February cover. She was wearing blue animal print Blumarine dress in the cover. Singer turned designer Victoria Beckham landed the March cover, holding a puppy and wearing a loose tees plus dark jeans. I never thought i’d see her wearing loose top…

Lauren Conrad got the May cover slot for the magazine. Easy to forget. Next!

Models trio graced the June cover. Crystal Renn, Alessandra Ambrosio and Brooklyn Decker in colorful bikini. I salute their choice to put Crystal Renn on the cover and she deserved it! I would love to see more of Crystal Renn on magazine covers. Matthias Vriens-McGrath lensed the cover by the way.

Sexy Jessica Biel landed the July cover promoting The A-Team, “her hair is so to die for” a girl friend of mine said about her fab hair. Another animal sightings in Glamour US front page! Vanessa Hudgens holding two kittens and gave us a smile for August.

Glee star Lea Michele wore a black and white striped top and gave us a peek to her bra for October cover. The issue almost didn’t made it to the newsstands because the truck was flipped on the street!
Taylor Swift gave me one of her best cover with the November cover of Glamour US. She wore a lace dress, hair on the side and blue font. Loved it!

Fergie closed the year with a maroon blazer and she’s also the recipient the Glamour Woman Of The Year, congratulations! Matthias Vriens-McGrath photographed four different covers for this December issue.

I’m really hoping that Glamour US can surprises me even more next year. Amen.

Amby from Art8amby

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