Featured Article: Glamour US 2012 Covers Recap

Glamour US gets a major make over this year, both inside layout and on the covers. Starting with their March issue featuring Amanda Seyfried, photographed awkwardly by Ellen Von Unwerth, who shot four other front pages this year.

You’ll noticed that they used bolder layout, colorful fonts and unusual poses on the covers. Sometimes it’s a hit (April with Jennifer Lawrence, June with Carrie Underwood, October with Emma Watson, and December with Selena Gomez), but mostly they’re miss (May with Lauren Conrad, July with Julianne Hough, August with Mila Kunis, September with Victoria Beckham, and November with Taylor Swift).

You can still see their “old” cover layout in this year’s January and February edition which featuring Kardashian Sisters and Rachel McAdams respectively. We missed the old simple yet distinct Glamour cover layout, but we are looking forward to see their 2013 line up. Dear Cynthia Leive, please produce better covers next year with more exciting cover stars.

Share to us your favourite Glamour US cover this year in the comment box below.

You can also read our recap from 2011, here, and 2010, here.

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