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Salma Hayek for InStyle US July 2021

The cover is shot by Charlotte Hadden. (source)

Keke Palmer for InStyle US Subscriber Cover May 2021

Quill Lemons shot the cover. (source)

Jennifer Lopez for InStyle US May 2021

The covers are shot by Pamela Hanson. (source)

Melissa McCarthy for InStyle US April 2021

The covers are shot by Charlie Dennington. (source)

Kate Hudson for InStyle US March 2021

UPDATED FEB 05TH, 2021: Added new cover images with Gillian Anderson. (source)

The covers are shot by Ahmad Barber + Donte Maurice. (source)

Regina King for InStyle US February 2021

Christian Cody shot the cover. (source)

Jodie Comer for InStyle US January 2021

Charlotte Hadden photographed the covers. (source)

Barack Obama for InStyle US January 2021

Shaniqwa Jarvis shot the cover. (source)

Kristen Stewart for InStyle US November 2020

UPDATED OCTOBER 14TH 2020: Added new cover with Kate Bosworth. (source)

UPDATED OCTOBER 14TH 2020: Added new cover with Storm Reid. (source)

The covers are shot by Olivia Malone. (source)

Zendaya for InStyle US September 2020

UPDATED AUGUST 13TH 2020: Added new subscriber cover with Mariacarla Boscono by Paolo Zerbini. (source)

UPDATED AUGUST 08TH 2020: Added subscriber cover with Kristen Wiig by Olivia Malone. (source)

The covers are shot by AB+DM, with styling by Law Roach. (source)

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