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Jean Campbell for Vogue Korea May 2022

The covers are shot by Hyea Won Kang. (source)

Iris Law for Vogue Korea April 2022

Hyea Won Kang shot the covers. (source)

Jisoo for Vogue Korea April 2022

The covers are shot by Dukhwa Jang. (source

Chloe Magno, J Moon, Jan Baibook, Jay Pak, Kayako Higuchi, & Mao Xiaoxing for Vogue Korea March 2022

Felix Cooper shot the covers. (source)

Rebecca Leigh Longendyke for Vogue Korea February 2022

The covers are shot by Luigi & Iango. (source)

BTS for Vogue Korea January 2022

BTS wears Louis Vuitton on the January 2022 covers of Vogue Korea! (source)

Five Covers of Vogue Korea December 2021

Georgia Palmer, Yoonmi Sun, Quinn Mora, and Meadow Walker are fronting the December 2021 covers of Vogue Korea photographed by Giseok Cho. (source)

HoYeon Jung for Vogue Korea November 2021

Hyea Won Kang shot these covers. (source)

Edie Campbell for Vogue Korea May 2021

Felix Cooper shot the cover. (source)

Raquel Zimmermann for Vogue Korea April 2021

Chris Colls shot the covers. (source)

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