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Arca for Vogue Mexico & Vogue Latin America December 2021

The covers are shot by Tim Walker. (source)

Tindi Mar for Vogue Mexico November 2021

The covers are shot by Sonia Szostak. (source)

Anja Taylor-Joy for Vogue Mexico and Latin America October 2021

The covers are shot by Camila Falquez with styling by Max Ortega. (source)

Demi Lovato for Vogue Mexico April 2021

Art Streiber shot the covers. (source)

Taylor Hill for Vogue Mexico March 2021

UPDATED FEBRUARY 24TH 2021: Added new covers with Vivienne Rohner. (source)

The covers are shot by Chris Colls. (source)

Thalia for Vogue Mexico February 2021

Bjorn Iooss shot the covers. (source)

Selena Gomez for Vogue Mexico December 2020

The covers are shot by Dario Calmesse. (source)

Ana De Armas for Vogue Mexico October 2020

Alique shot the covers. (source)

Three Covers of Vogue Mexico July 2020

For their latest issue, Vogue Mexico and Latin America releases three different covers featuring Mexican model Limber Martinez (by Dorian Ulises Lopez Macias), illustrated image by Pia Camil, and Peruvian model Patricia Del Valle (by Egdar Berg). (source)

Featured Article: Vogue Mexico May/June 2020

Vogue Mexico pays tribute to the lovely, delicate, and noble women in our lives, the grandmothers. During these uncertain times, the monthly publication celebrates the women, the family, and the legacy of our grandmothers.

In Mexico, it is undeniable to recognize their role as an essential part of the family and the home. Their life stories, successes, memories and even their wardrobes are the legacy that we will always carry in our hearts.

With this heartfelt image of their May/June 2020 cover captured by Tania Franco Klein, we remember the importance of these loved ones. And with actions that do not compromise their health we can continue celebrating this life with them.

Cover and editorial are featuring: Veronica Garcia, Samantha Flores, Macis Casares, Monica Kreisler, Lilian Slobotsky, Montserrat Carrasco, Cecilia Suarez, Magdalena Urquidi, and Patricia Herrera
Creative concept by Enrique Torres Meixueiro
Styling: Valentina Collado Rojas. (source)

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