About art8amby

Hey guys,

This is our blog Art8amby (pronounce Art and Amby), created by Amby and Art.

We  love FASHION and everything in it.

We will post  magazine covers, updates, reviews, ad campaigns, video, movie posters, models, and everything that we like. We mean : EVERYTHING !!

So be prepared with our next posts guys 😉

Feel free to contact us at art8amby@yahoo.com, “like” us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter : @art8amby for fashion updates!

22 responses to “About art8amby

  • Amber Rima

    Brilliant blog, love the content, glad I found you!


  • ItsMyTime

    Thinking this will be of interest to you and your visitors, well I hope so anyway 🙂

    Benetton are searching for 20 finalists to be the newest faces of the brand; they’re after creative, unique individuals – not just your ‘typical’ model – and they’re holding a global casting session to encourage people to enter. All you need to do is visit the competition microsite and create a lookbook (everything is explained on there):


    The microsite is worth a gander anyway some of the entrants are really impressive.


  • ItsMyTime

    I believe the Benetton competition has closed now but if fashion and fashion blogging is your thing the website is definitely worth a visit. http://www.benetton.com/casting
    Besides it’ll be interesting to see which unique individuals are set to become the new faces of Benetton!

  • Iz Andrew

    Cool blog.

  • Korbin Duley


    My name is Korbin Duley, I’m contacting you on behalf of Warner Brothers Studios, we are promoting the heartwarming film Flipped created, written and directed by Rob Reiner who was the director of such films as: Stand by Me, When Harry Met Sally, and Sleepless in Seattle.

    Rob Reiner and actress Madeline Carroll will be featured on a live video chat this Thursday, August 26 at 7pm ET on Facebook.
    RSVP on Facebook: bitly.com/flippedlivechat

    We would love for you to be a partner in these ways:

    1. Promotion: Promote this event with a follow up post for your article on “Rob Reiner’s new movie Flipped” with a live event for your audience to participate in.
    2. Syndication: We would love for you to syndicate this event by embedding this live chat on your own blog or website. This would be a great event with interesting content to bring to your audience.
    3. Promotional Materials: We would like to offer you Flipped movie poster signed by Rob Reiner to give away on your site.

    Flipped is a movie that explores the return to the simplicity of first love as a teenager along with great family values, in a story that everyone can relate to. It is a perfect introduction to the adolescent war between the sexes.

    Please let us know which of the above you are interested in partnering with us on.

    Thank you very much for partnering with us on Flipped!

    Thank you,
    Korbin Duley
    Outreach Coordinator

    DBA West
    1149 3rd Street, Suite 210
    Santa Monica, California 90403
    Ph: 315 243 3993

  • Josh Flannigan

    First of all, we love your blog here at Xray Jeans. Great Job!
    If you haven’t heard about Xray yet, definitely check out our website: http://www.xrayjeans.com
    We just shot our fall campaign and I’d love to share the images with you.
    Have a great weekend and keep up the good work!

  • unachicadecente

    gue demen banget sama gambar2 yang lo post, sophisticated keren gitu!

    • art8amby

      Terima kasih neng Teppy *hugs* dan gw juga suka ama post-nya eneng, apalagi yg bisa bikin gw ngakak 😀 makasih dah mampir yaa 😉

  • Rio S Prasetia

    Just found it via Google and! Great website!
    looking forward to see more of updated-great models.
    Hope someday can see my work in here too 🙂

  • haute couture

    great job… very up2date… keep it up ! :]

  • Amby Longhofer

    Hey! I’m Amby! Amby Longhofer! Who’s Amby here? I’m the original!

  • christo

    I am a photographer.

    I would like to introduce myself and my work to you for future projects consideration.

    Please share my website:


    Best Regards



  • Maryonn

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  • fitting room

    i identified your blog nowadays and I read a couple of wonderful content articles over here.

  • Eleonora Chessa

    Hi! This is Eleonora Chessa, I am an Italian photographer living in LA…I love your blog 😉

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