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Boomerang Fall Winter 2011 Ad Campaign

Model Oscar Spendrup and photographer Carl Bengtsson are teamed up once again for Boomerang latest campaign images. This time they are accompanied by a female model and former face of John Richmond, Replay and Carlo Pignatelli, Texas Olsson. Click here to view last season campaign images.

Images via Models.com

John Richmond Spring Summer 2011 Ad Campaign

Swedish model, Texas Olsson stars in the campaign of John Richmond wearing the labels latest ensemble replacing Michael Gsttoetner. Texas also the current face of Replay, Diesel and Carlo Pignatelli.

Images via Male Model Scene.

Carlo Pignatelli Spring Summer 2011 Ad Campaign

For its Spring Summer 2011 ad campaign, Carlo Pignatelli hired 14 top male models wearing his signature sleek and polish suits in front of Stefano Moro camera. The male models are Travis Davenport, Alexandre Cunha, Andre Ziehe, Ben Hill, Matt Benstead, Jamie Jewitt, Evandro Soldati, Simon Nessman, Andrey Zakharov, Texas Olsson, Patrick Kafka, Thomas Hoefnagels and Antonio Navas. Can someone identified the female model and 14th member of the campaign?

Also check their last season and last year campaign images.

Images via Models.com and Image Amplified.

Replay Spring Summer 2011 Ad Campaign

Replay casts a group of Emily DiDonato, Jon Kortajarena, Erin Wasson and Texas Olsson lensed by Chad Pitman as their campaign faces for Spring Summer 2011. Click to see their Fall Winter 2010 and Spring Summer 2010 campaign.

Diesel Spring Summer 2011 Ad Campaign Preview

UPDATED JANUARY 26th, 2011 : Added 3 more images of the campaign with Texas Olsson lensed by Guy Aroch. Images via Sight Management Barcelona.

UPDATED January 22nd, 2011 : Added one more image of Diesel Spring Summer 2011 ad campaign lensed by Guy Aroch. Some of the models identified are Texas Olsson, Harleth Paul and Randy Lebeau.

Replacing their “Be Stupid” campaign as their latest campaign theme is “Diesel Island”

If anyone would add details regarding this campaign, we are welcome 🙂

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