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Chunjie Liu, Estelle Chen, He Jing, Huan Zhou, Jiali Zhao, Ling Chen, Shang Lin, Sijia Kang, Xie Chaoyu & Wangy for Harper’s Bazaar China September 2018

Yuan Gui Mei shot the cover. (source)

Calvin Klein 205W39NYC Fall Winter 2017 Ad Campaign

Willy Vanderperre photographed models Sara Grace Wallerstedt, Elibeidy Dani, Wangy, Selena Forrest, Ernesto Cervantes, Fernando Albaladejo, Leila Goldkuhl, Blesnya Minher, Julia Nobis, Jared Manhardt, Lulu, Dylan Christensen, and Jonas Glöer and Kiki Willems with the billboard from the Spring Summer 2017 campaign for the new Calvin Klein 205W39NYC Fall Winter ad campaign images. (source)

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