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Ansley Gulielmi for Vogue Turkey May 2019

Wai Lin Tse shot the cover. (source)

Click here to view last year cover featuring Dua Lipa, here to view 2017 cover featuring Grace Hartzel, here to view 2016 cover featuring Bella Hadid, here to view 2015 cover featuring Sam Rollinson, here to view 2014 cover featuring Adriana Lima, here to view 2013 cover featuring Milla Jovovich, here to view 2012 cover featuring Aline Weber, here for 2011 cover with Liv Tyler, and here for 2010 cover with Elise Crombez.

Ros Georgiou for L’Officiel Mexico February 2016

The cover is shot by Wai Lin Tse. (source)

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