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Nella Yar Ngingo & Arantxa Oosterwolde for Vogue Netherlands May 2022

Marc de Groot shot the cover. (source)

Felice Nova & Parker Van Noord for Vogue Netherlands April 2022

Casper van der Linden shot the cover. (source)

Jill Kortleve for Vogue Netherlands March 2022

The cover is shot by Gregory Harris. (source)

Merlijne Schorren for Vogue Netherlands April 2021

Ferry Van Der Nat shot the cover. (source)

Maty Fall Diba for Vogue Netherlands March 2021

The cover is shot by Julia Noni. (source)

Felice Nova for Vogue Netherlands December 2020

The cover is shot by Gregory Harris. (source)

Romee Strijd for Vogue Netherlands November 2020

The cover is shot by Jesse John Jenkins. (source)

Vogue Netherlands October 2020 Cover

Vogue Netherland‘s October 2020 issue is a collaboration with the Open Schoolgemeenschap Bijlmer in Amsterdam and a true ode to the new generation.

The stars of this edition aren’t supermodels or actresses, but a group of twenty students who have the whole world at their fingertips with the first three cover stars are Irene Plange, Neechaira Hooten, and Lucy Hanna, all photographed by Blommers & Schumm.

Vogue NL’s editor-in-chief Rinke Tjepkema: ‘I didn’t want to just make a Vogue about that generation and their power, I wanted to make it with that generation. I was impressed by the self-awareness, worldviews and open-mindedness of the kids, who all have impressive stories and talents.’ The issue will be available in stores and online Thursday, September 17th. (source)

Jill Kortleve for Vogue Netherlands September 2020

The cover is shot by Casper Kofi. (source)

Amber Valletta for Vogue Netherlands July/August 2020

The covers are shot by Annemarieke Van Drimmelen. (source)

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