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Regina King for Vanity Fair October 2021

The cover is shot by Jackie Nickerson. (source)

Anya Taylor-Joy for Vanity Fair April 2021

Ryan McGinley shot the cover. (source)

Michael B. Jordan, Charlize Theron, Zendaya & Sacha Baron Cohen for Vanity Fair Hollywood Issue 2021

The folded covers are featuring Spike Lee, Maya Rudolph, Lakeith Stanfield, Awkwafina, Michaela Cole, and Dan Levy. (source)

Billie Eilish for Vanity Fair March 2021

The cover is shot by Quil Lemons. (source)

Stephen Colbert for Vanity Fair Holiday 2020

The cover is shot by Annie Leibovitz. (source)

Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez for Vanity Fair December 2020

The cover is shot by Tyler Mitchell. (source)

Gal Gadot for Vanity Fair November 2020

Dudi Hasson shot the cover. (source)

Elle Fanning for Vanity Fair October 2020

The cover is shot by Tierney Gearon. (source)

Breonna Taylor for Vanity Fair September 2020

Vanity Fair presents their September 2020 cover with Breonna Taylor painted by Amy Sherald.

Five months have passed since police killed Breonna Taylor in her own home, a violent crime that the magazine’s September issue guest editor Ta-Nehisi Coates ascribes to a belief in Black people as a disaster, as calamity. “I don’t know how else to comprehend the jackboots bashing in Breonna Taylor’s door and spraying her home with bullets, except the belief that they were fighting some Great Fire—demonic, unnatural, inhuman.”

Coates chose the “The Great Fire” as the theme for the issue, which assembles activists, artists, and writers to offer a portrait of hope in a world where the possibility of a legitimate anti-racist majority is emerging for the first time in American history. “Something is happening,” writes Ta-Nehisi Coates, “and I think to understand it, we must better understand the nature of this Great Fire.”

For his cover story, Coates tells Breonna’s story through the words of her mother. (source)

Viola Davis for Vanity Fair July/August 2020

The cover is photographed by Dario Calmese, marking the first black photographer to shoot a VF cover. (source)

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