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Five Covers of Tush Magazine Spring Summer 2014

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Editorial: Viktoriya Sasonkina by Txema Yeste for Tush Spring 2011

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A glamor dose of style from Tush spring 2011 featured Viktoriya Sasonkina lensed by Txema Yeste and dressed beautifully by Alberto Multra, Viktoriya wears Versace, Emilio Pucci, Gucci and others.

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Editorial: Anne Vyalitsyna for Tush Spring 2011 by Yu Tsai

Steamy editorial at Tush Spring 2011 graced Anne Vyalitsyna lensed by Yu Tsai and styled by Karla Welch.

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6 Covers of Tush Issue 23 #01/2011

Rianne Ten Haken by Hugh Lippe & Iris Strubegger by Txema Yeste

Viktoriya Sasonkina by Txema Yeste & Anne Vyalitsyna by Yu Tsai

Eveline Hall by Armin Morbach & Luisa Bianchin by Armin Morbach

With cool line up of photographers such as Armin Morbach, Hugh Lippe, Txema Yeste and Yu Tsai lensed some of modeling industry famous names-Rianne Ten Haken, Viktoriya Sasonkina, Anne Vyalitsyna, Iris Strubegger, Luisa Bianchin and even Eveline Hall-they really pleased their readers with these 6 covers selection!!!

Also check out their 2010 covers : 01/2010 with Ranya Mordanova, 02/2010 with Julia Stegner, 03/2010 with Ashley Smith and Daniel Bambad (Elite Milano), 04/2010 with Bryan Boy and Kirsi Pyrhonen.

Images via Models.com

Better Pic of Bryan Boy for Tush #4

Bryan Boy by Armin Morbach

Bryan Boy landed a special edition cover for Tush Magazine Fall Winter 2010 lensed by Armin Morbach.

3 Covers for Tush #4

Kirsi Pyrhonen landed 2 covers for Tush Magazine Issue 4. Both lensed by Armin Morbach

While fashion blogger, Bryan Boy landed a special mirror like cover where he was photographed by Armin Morbach as well. Lucky you BB!!

Kirsi Pyrhonen for Tush #4

Finnish rising star, the 17 years old Kirsi Pyrhonen added another magazine cover to stellar her portfolio. This time she was lensed by Armin Morbach for the front page of Tush Magazine.

Tush Issue 4 also featured the famous fashion bloggerBryan Boy in a special cover.

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