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Five Covers of The Hunger Magazine Issue 7

UPDATED SEPTEMBER 13TH 2014: Added three other covers with Kirsi Pyrhonen, Neelam Gill and Soo Joo Park.

Some of the cover star and models who were photographed by Rankin for the latest issue of Hunger Magazine are singer Banks, and models Camilla Christensen and Hollie May Saker. (source)

Twenty Covers of Hunger Magazine Issue 6 Spring Summer 2014

This is helluva covers line up. Hunger magazine tapped actors, models, musician, fashion designer and singers as their covers stars for the latest issue.

We can spot Kristin Scott Thomas, Tinie Tempah, Plan B, Imogen Poots, Polly Morgan, Alex Pettyfer, Damian Lewis, James McAvoy, Harvey Newton-Haydon, Issac Carew, Nicholas Hoult, Holiday Grainger, Rebecca Hall, Ella Eyre, Ellie Goulding, Sam Claflin, Katie Eary, Jake Bugg, Jamie Campbell Bower, Amber Anderson and Hayley Atwell in the line up. (source)

Jamie Campbell Bower for The Hunger Magazine Issue 6 Spring Summer 2014

The current Burberry campaign model (and actor) is featured on the latest cover of The Hunger Magazine. (source)

Four Covers of The Hunger Magazine Issue 5 Fall Winter 2013

The cover stars are Chiwetel Ejiofor, Debbie Harry, Rebel Wilson and Bryan Ferry. (source)

Seven Covers of The Hunger Issue 4 Spring Summer 2013

Rankin photographed the seven different covers from The Hunger’s latest issue featuring singer Rita Ora, Grimes, Iggy Azalea, Jessie J, A*M*E, Gabrielle Aplin, and top model Crystal Renn.

“Music is the heart of HUNGER this season, with a six-set cover option for issue 4; each talent was handpicked, and applauded with an individual cover, for their unique attitude and ability to challenge the musical norm. “I had begun to notice a pattern emerging in film and fashion, but most notably in music; where people (most obviously, young women) were taking control of their creative lives and output in a way I hadn’t seen before” says HUNGER’s Editor-In-Chief, Rankin. Transcending through to fashion the uncompromising supermodel, CRYSTAL RENN, shines as HUNGER’s limited edition hardback and final cover star.”

The issue 4 of The Hunger Magazine will hit the newsstands on April 04th 2013.

Images via TFS.

Heidi Klum for The Hunger Magazine Issue 3

Besides the previously released front pages featuring Daniel Craig and Naomie Harris, apparently Rankin also snapped this amazing cover featuring Heidi Klum. Yes, that is her, without her signature oh-so-perfect-grins.

Click here to view last year covers featuring Sky Ferreira and Rhys Ifans.

Image via TFS.

Naomie Harris for The Hunger Magazine Issue 3

The latest Bond girl was photographed by Rankin for the cover.

Click here to view the Daniel Craig cover version.

Image via Design Scene.

Daniel Craig for The Hunger Magazine Issue 3

The 44 year old actor is landed yet another cover promoting James Bond‘s 23rd installment, Skyfall. There will be Naomie Harris cover version too, that also photographed by Rankin.

Click here to view last year’s covers featuring Rhys Ifans and Sky Ferreira.

Image via TFS.

Two Covers of The Hunger Magazine Issue 2

Rankin photographed two covers of the latest issue (out May 10th) from The Hunger Magazine featuring actors Monica Bellucci and Robert Sheehan.

Click here to view the first issue covers featuring Sky Ferreira and Rhys Ifans.

Images via TFS.

Two Covers of The Hunger Magazine Launch Issue Fall Winter 2011

Rankin, a British photographer and Dazed & Confused founder will publish The Hunger Magazine, the fourth of his print-based efforts out just on the heels of his current collaboration with Damien Hirst and a book due out November 8th, 2011.

“It’s also about me not wanting to be bored. I hate doing the same thing every day. You get to a point where you just feel like you need to push yourself further–I don’t want to be taking the same photograph that I’ve taken 50,000 times before. So many photographers end up taking the same picture again and again and again,” he said.

The biannual magazine will feature established and upcoming people involved in art, design, fashion, drama and music. Its first issue includes interviews with Brit actors Terence Stamp and Michael Sheen along with fashion stories about Kelis, Kelly Rowland, Milla Jovovich and Heidi Klum.

He also shot the first covers featuring singer/model Sky Ferreira and actor Rhys Ifans.

Images via TFS.

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