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Naomi Campbell for Stiletto Magazine Issue 39 Autumn 2013

Dominique Issermann photographed supermodel Naomi Campbell for the 10 Anniversary covers of Stiletto magazine. (source)

Adina Forisz for Stiletto Magazine Fall 2012

UPDATED SEPTEMBER 03rd 2012: Added the main cover featuring Susie Bick and photographed by Dominique Issermann. Image via Fashion Copious.

The cover was photographed by Johan Bresnan.

Image via Fashion Copious.

So Young Kang and Hye Jung Lee for Stiletto March 2012

The lovely Korean models were photographed by Simon Procter for the cover.

Image via Models.com

Dovile Virsilaite for Stiletto No.32 Fall 2011

Dovile Virsilaite was photographed by Marton Perlaki for the latest cover image of Stiletto magazine.

Image via Fashion Copious.

Katrin Thormann for Stilettto No.30 Spring 2011

Katrin Thormann by Jan Welters

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