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The Stallone Sisters for The Hollywood Reporter January 13th 2017

Sistine, Scarlett and Sophia Stallone are this year’s Miss Golden Globes trio. Photo by Austin Hargrave. (source)

Sixteen Covers of French Revue de Modes Fall Winter 2016

The covers are all photographed by Thierry LeGoues with styling by Marcell Rocha. The models are Ysaunny Brito, Peyton Knight, Abby Williamson, Maria Borges, Birgit Kos, Emmy Rappe, Mary-Louise Wedel, Hyun Ji Shin, Avery Blanchard, Nicole Atieno, Carly Moore, Kate Bogucharskaia, Mayka Merino, Isis Bataglia, Sistine Stallone and Hailey Baldwin. (source)

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