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Four Covers of Fiasco Magazine Issue 21

The cool covers featuring models Lotte Andersen, Jester White, Flo Dron and Mathilda Lowther were photographed by Philip Meech and styled by Hope Von Joel. The colorful artsy illustrations were done by Hattie Stewart.

Images via Fiasco Plus.

Three More Covers of Fiasco Magazine Issue 12 Summer 2011

UPDATED JULY 30th 2011: Added the Camilla Babbington cover version photographed by Philip Meech via Models 1 London blog.

The latest covers version of Fiasco Magazine are featured Justin at Red NYC and Andrea at MUSE photographed by Nicolas Guerin and styled by Katherine Polk; Leebo Freeman lensed by Barbara Anastacio; and Arthur Olecki by Iakovos Kalaitzakis.

Actually there is another cover featuring Camilla Babbington by Philip Meech, we will posted as soon as we got the image.

Click the links to view the earlier released cover with Adrian Cardoso and Xoan.

Image via Fiasco Magazine.

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