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Oprah Winfrey for O The Oprah Magazine September 2018

This month, Oprah talks to Mitch Landrieu, the former mayor of New Orleans, about the need for every American to reckon with the country’s complicated past. Landrieu was thrust into the national spotlight when he delivered a powerful speech about the removal of statues around the city that celebrated the Confederacy. During the same speech he addressed the need for Americans to acknowledge the uglier aspects of our history. Oprah talked to Landrieu earlier this summer (Please note: the interview took place before the tragic New Orleans shooting that took place on July 28th 2018) as his time in office came to a close about race, history, where he thinks America should go from here, and more.

On Oprah’s favorite part of any conversation: “My favorite part of any conversation, on air or off, is when someone has a revelatory moment and utters these words: ‘I never thought of it that way before.’”

On Oprah’s life’s work: “Getting people to be open to seeing things differently has been my life’s work.’”

On Landrieu’s willingness to say uncomfortable things: “I wrote the book and the speech because I felt it was important for a white person to say unequivocally something that should be really, really simple: The Confederacy fought to destroy the United States as we knew it and preserve slavery, and it was on the wrong side of humanity. Can’t we admit this is historical fact? We continue to debate that issue. It isn’t debatable.”

On remembering history versus revering it: “There is a difference between remembering history and revering it. I would ask people, ‘Can you point out one other monument in American that reveres a general who lost?’”

On losing two-thirds of Landrieu’s white support after the monuments came down: “Some are furious. To people who say, ‘You ruined the city, I’ll never vote for you again,’ I say, ‘Great, I’m never running for anything again, so we’re good to go.’” (source)

Sean O’Pry, Arthur Kulkov & Noah Mills for Details March 2011

UPDATED FEBRUARY 11th, 2011 : Added bigger image of the cover lensed by Carter Smith via Models.com

First time in Details history, the magazine features male models on their cover! People who loves models like us will definitely buy this issue. The 194-page issue will hit the newsstands on February 15th, 2011 and as editor in chief, Dan Peres, told to WWD, the magazine will have fresh layouts, and the introduction of 13 pages section focused on health and fitness, called The Body. Details will also launch a revamped Web site in April and an iPad application in September.

Here’s the quote from WWD article by Dan Peres regarding the models on the cover rather than a celebrity : “Model covers are so rarely done — largely because they’re not a very popular newsstand driver, I’m not blind to that — however I actually believe this will be one of our better selling issues of the year.” 

Rumour has it that Robert Pattinson‘s March cover last year was one of their best selling issue. We believe the issue was one of their best selling, because it’s Robert Pattinson!! Girls who doesn’t even read Details will eventually bought the issue because they loved him, right? Smart move.

The Body will be overseen by new senior editor Tyler Graham, a veteran of Rodale and O: The Oprah Magazine and the author of “The Happiness Diet: How Eating Real Food Will Build a Better Brain” that will be launched later this year.

The lucky male models to graced Details March cover are not new names in the industry because they’re reigning the runways and ad campaigns earlier. We have 2 Americans and a Russian here. 21 year old Sean O’Pry (VNY)-who’s the current face of ck by Calvin Klein Accessories along with Liu Wen and Lara Stone– are famous because of his handsome and sculpted face; 27 year old Arthur Kulkov (Re:Quest) is the current face of Lacoste Sportswear and Esprit; and the most famous model of the three, 25 year old Noah Mills (Wilhelmina). He is one of the most recognizable face in fashion industry. He played the role as Kim Cattrall‘s one night lover in Sex And The City 2, and the current face of Dolce & Gabbana (he’s been on their campaigns for a long time!), Tommy Hilfiger and Lacoste.

Below are the boys latest show cards for the New York Fashion Week Fall Winter 2011 via Models.com

Cover image and magazine details via WWD

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