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Stella Maxwell & Jon Kortajarena for Numéro Russia Issue 15

Rowan Papier shot the covers. (source)

Three Covers of Numéro Russia April 2018

An Le photographs the three covers featuring Stella Maxwell, Luz Pavon and Hannah Ferguson. (source)

Catherine McNeil for Numéro Russia December 2017/January 2018

Jordan Hemingway shot the cover. (source)

Anna De Rijk for Numéro Russia October 2017

Carlijn Jacobs shot the cover. You can view the motion cover here. (source)

Two Covers of Numéro Russia September 2017

The Ajak Deng cover is shot by Egor Tsodov while Magdalena Frackowiak version is by Lukasz Pukowiec. (source)

Eniko Mihalik for Numéro Russia July 2017

The cover is shot by Egor Tsodov with styling by Mar Peidro. (source)

Lina Hoss for Numéro Russia April 2017

Lukasz Pukowiec shot the cover. (source)

Amanda Murphy for Numéro Russia March 2017

The cover is shot by Hong Jang Hyun. (source)

Click here to view last year cover featuring Madison Stubbington, here to view 2015 cover featuring Vlada Roslyakova, and here for 2014 cover featuring Rosie Tapner.

Sarah Brannon for Numéro Russia February 2017

The cover was shot by Marie Schuller with styling by Christopher Maul. (source)

Jena Goldsack for Numéro Russia #037 December 2016

Emelie Hultqvist styled Jena Goldsack in Gucci for Numéro Russia December 2016 cover, photographed by Ellen Von Unwerth. Hair and make up by Daniel Martin and Mary Jane Frost. (source)

Click here to view last year cover featuring Sabrina Ioffreda, here to view 2014 cover featuring Anastasia Ivanova.

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