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Featured Article: #art8ambyinterview with Komal Gajjar

Get up close and personal with promising young Indian model Komal Gajjar who’s recently got signed by IMG Models Worldwide and worked with prominent fashion photographer Tim Walker.

Find out what are her dream gigs in the fashion industry (hint: it’s involving wings and opening slot of a coveted show) and which silent movie left her crying every single time she watches it in the latest installment of #art8ambyinterview below!

Can you share with us a bit about yourself?

I am just a simple girl with dimples, studying 3rd year in National Institute of Fashion Technology, India the same college as Manish Arora, man of bright colors and mesmerizing motifs. So much interested in fashion. But, I wasn’t doing that fashion experiments on me. I was like a hard core student who makes fashion for other people. But, from now fashion is subjective for me.

How did you start modelling and signed with IMG Models Worldwide?

I was scouted by IMG Models from my social media. And suddenly I came in this field. I was chosen by Tim Walker for i-D Magazine. And, now I love my field.

Opening Prada and Chanel, participating in the Victoria’s Secret fashion show, gracing the cover of Vogue Italia, and walk for many shows during fashion weeks are some of models’ biggest dreams. What would be your dream gig in this industry?

Victoria’s Secret Angel, I would love to accompany those lovely and beautiful ladies as an Angel of VS. Opening Prada maybe exclusively, I want to be on the covers of Vogue Paris, and Vogue Italia and so many more and more. I want to work with Mario Vivanco, Tyron Lebon, Mario Sorrenti and so many… This list will go on and on….

Who are the models that you look up to as inspiration?

I like Kate Moss for her innocent looks and after that, her flamboyance, Cara Delevingne for her thought provoking attitude and Miranda Kerr for her all work and as an overall personality.

What is your daily beauty routine, and how do you maintain your physique as a model? What is your workout playlist?

I don’t do proper workout as I don’t need that. But, I do jumping and trying pull ups (I can’t do pull-ups!). As I don’t have workout playlist but I have some favourite songs and that keeps on changing every month but still some of them are El Camino – Gypsy Kings, Maria – Santana, Bailando – Enrique Iglesias, Subeme La Radio – also by Enrique, Girl From Ipanema, When You Look Me In The Eyes – Jonas Brothers, Le Chant De Sirens – Felipe Araujo, Ca Plane Pour Moi – Plastic Bertrand , El Amante – Nicky Jam, On Verra – Nekfeu, Egerie – Nekfeu… Some of them are stolen playlist from someone I love. And now, these songs have become my most favs.

What are the essential things you pack during travelling? What will be your go-to-style for casting week?

NARS radiant creamy concealer, and Elle 18 Rockstar red lipstick, But, actually I don’t use these things. I go everywhere with bare face. That was the secret.

What is your all-time favourite movie that you never get bored watching over and over? And what is your current favourite TV shows to binge-watch?

The Kid – Charlie Chaplin, I am in love with the movies by Mr. Chaplin. Citylights was the first one I saw but, The Kid is on the top. Those chasing sequence of the orphanage representatives and in the end of that chasing heart-drenching reunion always left me crying.

What do you usually do during your free time? Do you have secret talent that nobody knows?

Play my guitar, make some cartoons-doodles, Sometimes I make good portraits of my friends and I surprise them giving their portraits on their birthday as a gift. Finding old work files from my laptop etc. And, yes! I write some poetry, I want to be good in that after that it will become talent.

What is your guiltiest pleasure? And where would be your favourite holiday destination?

This is not at all but, actually I eat a lot when I be at my home. But, people think that I don’t eat. I try to explain them but, they don’t trust that I eat a lot. Second is that still I wear boys’ shirts and shorts most of the time and live like a boy in my personal life. And some must have songs in my phone are Rockstar by Nickleback and It Wasn’t Me by Shaggy. I am opening up about these songs here but, me and my brother only knew about this. That was a top secret.
My travel location: it would be Mexico! I want to visit Machu Picchu and explore those ancient Incan city. Cairo also, those pyramids were fascinating to me since childhood days, I would love to do some work with the background of old Egyptian culture. And road trip to Spain from Italy.

Lastly, what would you be doing if you weren’t modeling?

For sure I would be working in some fashion firm as a Merchandiser or an Industrial Engineer; I have a keen interest in these things. And if I would hear my heart, I have a keen interest in Filmmaking. I wanted to become a director during my high school days.

Komal Gajjar is represented by IMG Models Worldwide. Photos and compcard are courtesy of Natalie Eloise, Errikos Androu and IMG Models.

Campari 2012 Calendar

35 year old Milla Jovovich is the latest celebrity gracing the exclusive calendar of Campari. The calendar is not for sale and they only printed 9999 copies every year.

Some of the celebrities featured for the calendar in the past are Benicio del Toro (he was the only man ever to be featured!), Olga Kurylenko, Jessica Alba, Salma Hayek and Eva Mendes.

For it’s 13th year, Campari hired Dimitri Daniloff to photographed the model and actress in a series of images that was inspired from the idea in Mayan culture that the world will end on 21st December 2012. Interesting.

Milla Jovovich already graced quite a numbers of magazine covers this years: Vogue Germany, Grazia France, Elle Germany, Jalouse, Elle Poland, IO Donna, S Moda, Angeleno and Glamour Italia. She is also the current face of Metrocity, Jacob & Co., and Donna Karan Cashmere Mist.

The details for the 2012 Campari Calendar are:

January: Dress made by Yann Weber
, glitter shoes Walter Steiger
, panache necklace and pony cuff bracelet Swarovski.

February: Feather dress by Izmaylova, white gold and diamond ring by Vhernier.

March: Crumpled and hand painted saffron organza draped long dress by Stéphane Rolland and rhinestone necklace by Paco Rabanne.

April: Wine coloured radzimir draped long dress and leather gloves by Stéphane Rolland.

May: Long satin crêpe black sweater dress veiled in black organza with black organza leaves by Stéphane Rolland
 and move full pavé diamond cuff bracelet by Messika.

June: Dress made by Yann Weber, rose gold necklace and bracelet by Vhernier.

July: Dress made by Yann Weber, 
purple red ring and earrings by Swarovski.

August: Dress made by Yann Weber, 
black rhinestone sandals by René Caovilla, pandora necklace and move full pavé cuff bracelet in white gold and diamonds by Messika.

September: Patent leather shoes by Walter Steiger.

October: Glitter top by Manish Arora and rose gold ring by Vhernier.

November: Coated satin dress and gloves made by Yann Weber, 
silk spiky necklace, black gold and white diamond by Messika.

December: Brandy coloured silk satin crêpe jumpsuit by Stéphane Rolland, rhinestone sandals by René Caovilla, earrings and ring in rose gold and corneliane by Vhernier.

Images via FTape.

Campari 2012 Calendar Milla Jovovich by Dimitri Daniloff >> January

Campari 2012 Calendar Milla Jovovich by Dimitri Daniloff >> February

Campari 2012 Calendar Milla Jovovich by Dimitri Daniloff >> March

Campari 2012 Calendar Milla Jovovich by Dimitri Daniloff >> April

Campari 2012 Calendar Milla Jovovich by Dimitri Daniloff >> May

Campari 2012 Calendar Milla Jovovich by Dimitri Daniloff >> June

Campari 2012 Calendar Milla Jovovich by Dimitri Daniloff >> July

Campari 2012 Calendar Milla Jovovich by Dimitri Daniloff >> August

Campari 2012 Calendar Milla Jovovich by Dimitri Daniloff >> September

Campari 2012 Calendar Milla Jovovich by Dimitri Daniloff >> October

Campari 2012 Calendar Milla Jovovich by Dimitri Daniloff >> November

Campari 2012 Calendar Milla Jovovich by Dimitri Daniloff >> December

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