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Chiling Lin for Vogue Taiwan August 2015

The cover is photographed by Lee Shou Chih and Ariel Hsu. (source)

Rainie Yang for Vogue Taiwan May 2015

Lee Shou Chih and Ariel Hsu photographed the cover with styling by Yvonne Tsai. (source)

Ha Ji Won for Vogue Taiwan January 2015

Lee Shou Chih photographed the cover. (source)

Click here to view 2014 cover featuring Patty Hou, here to view 2013 cover featuring Angelababy, here to view 2012 cover featuring Michelle Chen, here for 2011 cover with Kwan Lun Mei, and here for 2010 cover with Godfrey Gao, Ethan Ruan & Mark Zhao.

Ivy Chen for Vogue Taiwan July 2013

The cover was photographed by Lee Shou-Chih and styled by Amber Yen-Chen Lo.

Click here to view last year cover featuring Rainie Yang, and here to view 2011 cover featuring Zhou Xun.

Image via TFS.

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