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Featured Article: #art8ambyinterview with Rizal Rama

With his captivating face and tall, slender body, there is no way that this teen stunner won’t caught your attention when you see him on the street or playing his favorite sport, basketball.

Find out more about Indonesian newcomer Rizal Rama who has been featured on Models.com and remember his face, because you might just found your new favourite model!

How did you get discovered and signed with Native Models?

I was introduced by my scouter in Surabaya to Native Models team in Jakarta.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I am shy boy, and I don’t really comfortable being in a crowded place, yet.

What would be your dream gig in this modelling industry?

My dream is to walk for international brands, and bring Indonesia name to the world.

Who are the models that you look up to as inspiration? Have you ever met your favourite models/celebrity and get starstruck?

For now, I need to improve my knowledge about modelling and fashion industry. So, I don’t know just yet. But, maybe I will have major starstruck if I meet Lebron James, because I love to play basketball.

How do you maintain your physique to stay fit? What is your workout playlist? And what is your grooming routine as a model?

I play basketball at least twice a week and thanks to youth metabolism I suppose haha. I actually have no particular beauty routine, just wash my face regularly.

What are the essential things you pack during travelling? What will be your go-to-style for casting week?

My phone and external battery for sure. I also bring perfume, comb, mineral water, and kacang sukro for snacking (fried ground peanut covered in savoury flour). My go-to style will be casual simple and easy to run around in between casting.

What is your all-time favourite movie and why? What is your current favourite TV shows to binge-watch?

The anime Naruto. I grew up watching the series. And I don’t have current favourite TV shows because I never really watch TV series.

What do you usually do during your free time?

I love playing video games, basketball, and sleeping.

What would be your guiltiest pleasure? And where is your favourite holiday destination?

My guiltiest pleasure would be playing video games all day! I love Lombok and beach as holiday destination.

Lastly, what would you be doing if you weren’t modeling?

I’d definitely go to college and finish my study if I weren’t modeling.

Images via Native Models.

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