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Featured Article: L’Officiel Italia No.30 Digital Covers

L’Officiel Italia launches 9 digital covers for their latest issue, The Statement Issue. The cover stars are:

1. Ayak Veronica Bior by Lorenzo Bringheli, styling direction by Fabrizio Finizza. Hair and makeup by Giuseppe Lorusso and Silvia Dell’Orto, manicurist Roberta Rodi.

2. Ellen De Weer by Marc Hibbert, styling direction by Emil Rebek. Hair and makeup by Philippe Tholimet and Neil Young.

3. Amber Witcomb by Harri Peccinotti, styling direction by Elisa Nalin. Hair and makeup by Yoann Fernandez and Ossiel Ramos Abarca, manicurist Nafissa Djabi.

4. Kim Noorda by Gilad Sasporta, styling direction by Gaultier Desandre Navarre. Hair and makeup by Shay Shaz and Annika Jeck.

5. Agnes Abma by Ronald Dick, styling direction by Raffael Lacampeggi. Hair and makeup by Abra Kennedy and Thorsten Weiss.

6. Amber Witcomb by Harri Peccinotti, styling direction by Elisa Nalin. Hair and makeup by Yoann Fernandez and Ossiel Ramos Abarca, manicurist Nafissa Djabi.

7. Alana Felisberto by Vincent Peters, styling direction by Miki Zanini. Hair and makeup by Andrew Ciao and Anna Marianegri.

8. Kiker Chan by Michel Comte, styling direction by Giulio Martinelli. Hair and makeup by Pier Giuseppe Moroni and Anna Marianegri.

9. Amber Witcomb by Harri Peccinotti, styling direction by Elisa Nalin. Hair and makeup by Yoann Fernandez and Ossiel Ramos Abarca, manicurist Nafissa Djabi. (source)

Kim Noorda for Harper’s Bazaar Netherlands October 2014

So great to see her back on magazine cover again! And she looks striking as ever in the cover image shot by Mikael Schultz. (source)

Mercedes-Benz Fragrance 2014 Ad Campaign

Magnus Reed photographed models Kim Noorda and Christiano Basso for the latest campaign images of Mercedes-Benz fragrance. (source)

High Fall Winter 2013 Ad Campaign

Ilse de Boer and Kim Noorda are fronting the beautifully modest Fall Winter 2013 ad campaign of High. (source)

Vogue Mexico 2011 Covers Recap

Vogue Mexico/Latin America started this year with a simply stunning Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott photographed image, a reprint from Vogue Russia‘s last cover edited by Aliona Doletskaya, featuring Russian supermodel Natalia Vodianova.

Quite similar hands-in-waist pose like Natalia can be seen in four more covers this year: Evan Rachel Wood‘s February issue by James White, the only non model front page; Cindy Crawford‘s May issue by Tesh; Isabeli Fontana‘s September issue by Marcin Tyszka; and one of my favourites, Magdalena Frackowiak‘s December issue by David Roemer.

David Roemer also photographed four more covers this year for Vogue Mexico: March with Siri Tollerod, April with Crystal Renn, October with Julia Stegner, Ryan Kennedy and Julian Schratter and last but not least, November with Maryna Linchuk. That’s lot of cover job for a year. Congratulations!

Polish born fashion photographer Marcin Tyszka, who also shot Anna Jagodzinska for the second cover version of September issue (the third version featuring Eniko Mihalik was snapped by Regan Cameron), landed two more cover slot this year and both of them were also my favourite: Kim Noorda‘s June issue and Zuzanna Bijoch‘s July issue.

Beside Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott, James White and Tesh, Michael Filonow, a former model, is another photographer who photographed one cover slot for the monthly fashion publication. The New York based photographer lensed 24 year old Estonian model, Tiiu Kuik, for the August issue.

I’m quite impressed with this year’s covers and hopefully next year they’ll impress me even more.

Which one is your favourite cover from Vogue Mexico/Latin America this year, guys? 🙂

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Kim Noorda for Marie Claire Italia September 2011

Kim Noorda looks striking in the September cover of Italian Marie Claire.

Click here to view last year cover featuring Kori Richardson and here for 2009 cover featuring Alexandra Tomlinson.

Image via TFS.

Editorial: Kim Noorda by Marcin Tyszka for Vogue Mexico June 2011

Kim Noorda for Vogue Mexico June 2011 Desert chic photographed by Marcin Tyszka and styled by Sarah Gore-Reeves. Kim wears minimalist look from Jean Paul Gaultier, Stella McCartney, Salvatore Ferragamo, Calvin Klein Collection, Alexander Wang and Issey Miyake.

View more

Kim Noorda for Vogue Mexico June 2011

UPDATED MAY 29th 2011: Kim Noorda photographed by Marcin Tyszka and styled by Sarah Gore-Reeves for the cover.

UPDATED MAY 26th 2011: The female model on the cover of Vogue Hombre is not Ieva Laguna but Julia Dunstall.

It has been a long time since we saw the Dutch beauty on magazine cover and this cover doesn’t disappoints! She looks radiant!

The last time we saw this 25 year old model-who told Vogue that she had struggles for maintaining body type demanded by the fashion industry– graced magazine covers was for Marie Claire Netherlands, Lula, Marie Claire Italia, Harper’s Bazaar Spain, L’Officiel Netherlands and Glamour Netherlands and it was all last year issue.

In the issue there’s also Vogue Hombre Spring Summer 2011 with (what looks like) Ieva Laguna and top model Andrés Velencoso Segura.

Click here to see last year cover with Tanya Dziahileva.

Images via TFS.

Margaret Howell Spring Summer 2011 Ad Campaign

UPDATED FEBRUARY 10th, 2011 : Thanks to Keren Ludlow because she identifies the other male model, Josh McLellan-Ludlow who is a drummer, song-maker and graffiti writer and not signed to any agencies. He stars in this campaign with Dree Hemingway and Sid Ellisdon, lensed by Alasdair McLellan and styled by Kate Phelan.

From TFS comes images for Margaret Howell latest campaign starring Dree Hemingway. We quite unsure with the other two guys (Sid Ellisdon maybe?). You can check Margaret Howell past campaigns here : Fall Winter 2010 with Alana Zimmer and Spring Summer 2010 with Kim Noorda.

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