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Backstage Images of Sapto Djojokartiko Bride 2011 Fashion Show

UPDATED APRIL 18th 2011 : Revised credit for Thornandes James (@thornandes), he is not from JIM Models but he is a stylist. Visit his tumblr page at Posh The Button.

UPDATED : The designer just posted his backstage images of the fashion show. Click here to see his gorgeous dresses!

Yesterday I had the chance to attended the 2011 Bridal Collection fashion show of Indonesian Designer Sapto Djojokartiko (click to visit his blog where he posted all of his works there) at Ballroom The Ritz-Carlton Pacific Place Jakarta. I also got the fabulous chance to visited the backstage during make up session and rehearsal just before the show started where 12 models of JIM Models wearing the designer’s exquisite and lovely wedding dresses!!

The models are Fillant, Mega, Pamela, Moudy, Sarah, Antie, Ocha, Merry, Prinka, Drina Ciputra, Marcella Tanaya (she opened the show and just won an award for 2011 Talented New Female Model from Amica Indonesia earlier that night) and the humble Juanita (who closed the show).

I also bumped to some of my friends there, Kaymori (blogger and stylist for iCreate Indonesia) and Luki Ali of lukimages (photographer). The beautiful model and photographer Nicoline Patricia Malina also made appearance on the show. She’s super nice!

The show was in conjunction with Harper’s Bazaar IndonesiaBazaar Bridal Week 2011” that will be held until this Sunday, April 10th 2011 at Ballroom The Pacific Place. Izabel Jahja, the Editor in Chief of the magazine posed for the second time for art8amby. Thank you ma’am!. Sapto Djojokartiko also opened a booth there (click for the designer’s post of the event) and I took some photos of the collections featured. If you’re in Jakarta, make sure you visits the event and who knows, you will find the wedding dress you’ve dreamed about 😉

Amby of art8amby.

Antie Damayanti

Drina Ciputra





Prinka & Ocha


Moudy, Juanita & Sarah

The designer : Sapto Djojokartiko

Juanita in her first dress

Marcella Tanaya getting ready

Izabel Jahja

Erich of Sapto Djojokartiko


Nicoline Patricia Malina

Rajasa & James Thornandes

Luki Ali

Images via Amby and Sapto Djojokartiko.


We started this blog back in March 2009 as a platform to our interests because we shared the same passion in fashion and modeling industry. Our first post released two months later on May 28th 2009 and consisted series of images from Disney Parks 2007 – 2008 campaign. And today we just reached this amazing point where the blog hits more than 1.000.000 visitors!! Yaaayyy!! Maybe we joke about this back in the days, but we never thought that the joke is finally became reality… Not in our wildest dream…

We would like to thank you, friends, families, fellow bloggers, numerous fashion and modeling sites, Vlada Roslyakova (because of the accidental met at the airport, this blog got more daily visitors hehehe), our former boss (thanks for the tons of work load so that we got bored and started this!) and especially YOU… Our beloved readers 🙂 Yes, because of you we reached one million hits and because of you we are planning to do something better for this blog in the future… You just have to wait for it and keep visiting art8amby 😉

We also would like to thank everyone who participates in our #art8ambyonemillion hashtag. We received your versions of the hashtags and as promised, we posted in the blog where you can see it below. We are really appreciates your time and efforts to making this lovely works and we are extremely happy to show it to our readers 🙂

We received such a unique versions of #art8ambyonemillion from fashion designers (Sapto Djojokartiko and Farah Angsana), photographer (luki ali of lukimages), creative designer (@elcofrebliaman), magazine (@looksmagazine), stylists (kaymori and genuNERD), our friend at @RihannaID (Budi) and our readers (@NUTSIED, @gesyanamora and @ijunkirbalik).

Thank you very much once again to all of you, lots of kisses and we will make this blog even better in the future for your viewing pleasure (we just did one of the steps by changing our layout to the new one, do you like it guys?).

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Budi of @RihannaID

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Elco Frebliaman

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luki ali of lukimages

Farah Angsana

Sapto Djojokartiko

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