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Lana Del Rey for Interview Magazine September 2020

The cover is shot by Chuck Grant. (source)

Selena Gomez for Interview Magazine Spring 2020

The cover is shot by Eli Russell Linnetz. (source)

Jennifer Aniston for Interview Magazine March 2020

Alique shot the cover. (source)

Finn Wolfhard for Interview Winter 2019

The cover is shot by Cruz Valdez. (source)

Kate McKinnon for Interview Magazine 50th Anniversary

The cover is shot by Collier Schorr. (source)

RuPaul for Interview September 2019

Ethan James Green shot the cover. (source)

Rihanna for Interview Magazine Summer 2019

The covers are shot by Pierre-Ange Carlotti. (source)

Richard Madden for Interview Spring 2019

The cover is shot by Bruno Staub. (source)

Robert Pattinson for Interview Fall 2018

Ryan McGinley shot the cover. (source)

Joaquin Phoenix for Interview April/May 2018

Hedi Slimane shot the cover. (source)

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