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Four Covers of Fiasco Magazine Issue 21

The cool covers featuring models Lotte Andersen, Jester White, Flo Dron and Mathilda Lowther were photographed by Philip Meech and styled by Hope Von Joel. The colorful artsy illustrations were done by Hattie Stewart.

Images via Fiasco Plus.

4 Covers of Fiasco Magazine May 2012

The cover featuring models Alex Dunstan, Dudley O’Shaughnessy, Ed Marquezini and Tiiu Kuik were photographed by Anthony Meyer and William Lords.

We’re loving the new masthead of Fiasco!

Image via Models.com

Rodrigo Braga for Fiasco Magazine Issue 16

Rodrigo Braga rounding up the total of four covers of the issue 16 from Fiasco Magazine. Previous cover boys from the same issue including Sebastian Sauve and Mark Cox.

Image via Independent Milano blog.

Arthur Sales for Fiasco Magazine Issue 18

Brazilian hunks Arthur Sales is featured for two covers of Fiasco Magazine photographed by Markus Rico and we are loving the magazine’s new logo. Fresh!

Images via Made in Brazil.

Three Covers of Fiasco Magazine Issue 16

Top male model Mark Cox and Sebastian Sauve are photographed by Renie Saliba and Alfredo Albenesi respectively for the latest cover images of Fiasco Magazine. The covers was styled by Jonathan Hamilt.

Images via Models.com

Ten Covers of Fiasco Magazine Issue 15

Fiasco Magazine presented 10 different covers of their latest issue: The Youth Issue.

The models and photographers are (from top to bottom, left to right): Chris Fawcett and Diana by Nicolas Guerin; Josh Tuckley and Katiusha Feofanova by Amanda Camenisch; Paris Nicholson by Nicolas Guerin; Paris Nicholson and Laissa by Nicolas GuerinAriel and Simon Nygard by Nicolas Guerin; and Tom Heukels by Saverio Cardia.

Images via FTape.

Andrej Pejic for Fiasco Magazine Issue 14

UPDATED SEPTEMBER 03rd 2011: We got a very valuable info from our friend, Yolana, at Andrej Pejic Page that the model was celebrated his 20th birthday, NOT 16th as we mentioned earlier. Andrej Pejic was born on August 28th 1991 and we quoted from the comment box below “That 16th b-day joke was started by Kyle Anderson (Elle) about giving Andrej a party a la MTV’s My Sweet 16 b-day party”

Thank you very much for the info 😉

Androgyny model Andrej Pejic landed two more cover option of the latest issue of Fiasco Magazine also photographed by Anthony Meyer. The previously released covers is featured Marlon Teixeira.

Image via Sight Management blog.

He was just celebrating his 16 birthday recently and below are his latest show cards for the upcoming New York Fashion Week Spring Summer 2012. He is represented by DNA Models.

Andrej Pejic at DNA Models

Marlon Teixeira for Fiasco Magazine Issue 14

Brazilian top model Marlon Teixeira is landed the latest cover slot of Fiasco Magazine photographed by Anthony Meyer.

Images via Made In Brazil.

Below are his latest show cards for the upcoming New York Fashion Week Spring Summer 2012.

Marlon Teixeira is represented by Wilhelmina.

Marlon Teixeira at Wilhelmina

Sebastian Sauve for Fiasco Magazine Issue 13

Sebastian Sauve photographed by Anthony Meyer for two covers of Fiasco Magazine Issue 13. Click here to view the other cover version featuring Luke Worrall.

Images via Major Model Paris blog.

Luke Worrall for Fiasco Magazine Issue 13

Luke Worrall photographed by Anthony Meyer for the latest cover of Fiasco Magazine. Love the hair, Luke!

Image via d1 Models London blog.

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