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Featured Article: Desmond Chiam for Esquire Singapore March 2021

The Australian-Singaporean actor is photographed by Sylve Colless for the latest cover of Esquire Singapore with interview by Mitchell Oakley Smith, grooming by Florido Basallo. (source)

Featured Article: Rich Brian for Esquire Singapore January 2021

The cover is shot by Xiuyu Chang with styling by Sam Li. (source)

Featured Article: Ross Butler for Esquire Singapore October 2020

The cover is shot by Emman Montalvan with styling by Britt Mccamey, and grooming by Florido Basallo. (source)

Featured Article: Dacre Montgomery for Esquire Singapore September 2020

Stranger Things actor Dacre Montgomery is fronting the September 2020 cover of Esquire Singapore photographed by Levon Baird with styling by Jolyon Mason. Grooming by Sophie Roberts. (source)

Featured Article: Nicholas Hoult for Esquire Singapore November 2018

British actor Nicholas Hoult is Esquire Singapore’s November 2018 cover star. The front page and cover story are photographed by Michael Schwartz at Atelier Management with styling by Fabio Immediato, and grooming by Erica Sauer. (source)

Colin Firth for Esquire Singapore February 2015


David Gandy for Esquire Singapore September 2014

The cover is photographed by Tomo Brejc. (source)

Ethan Hawke for Esquire Singapore February 2014


Scarlett Johansson for Esquire Singapore November 2013


Chris Hemsworth for Esquire Singapore October 2013


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