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Three Covers of Elle Sweden December 2016

Johnny Kangasniemi photographed Elle Sweden December covers featuring models Frida Gustavsson, Caroline Winberg, Emma Wiklund, Emmy Rappe, Julia Hafstrom, Hedvig Palm, Mona Johannesson, Ingmari Lamy, Malin Persson, Adina Fohlin, Anna Tamander Jonason, Anna Klevhag, Frida Westerlund, Erika Wall, Adela Stenberg, Caroline Bwomono and Carita Järvinen. Styling by Lisa Lindqwister, hair and make up by Martina Senke, Josefina Zarmén and Trine Skjøth. (source)

Ginta Lapina for Elle Sweden August 2016


Tove Agren for Elle Sweden January 2016

Jimmy Backius photographed the cover. (source)

Emma Oak for Elle Sweden September 2015


Barbara Palvin for Elle Sweden July 2015


Mildred Gustafsson for Elle Sweden May 2015

Boe Marion shot the cover. (source)

Frida Gustavsson for Elle Sweden April 2015

The cover was shot by Andreas Sjödin. (source)

Frida Gustavsson for Elle Sweden February 2015

The cover was shot by Jimmy Backius and styled by Cia Jansson. (source)

Julia Hafstrom for Elle Sweden January 2015

The cover was shot by Honer Akrawi and styled by Josephine Aune. (source)

Elle Sweden December 2014 Cover

One of the models is Amanda Norgaard. (source)

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