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Three Covers of Elle Brazil August 2018

Elle Brazil presents three different covers for their August issue featuring models Yasmin Morais, Maria and Gabriela Lourenço who were photographed by Josefina Bietti, Gleeson Paulino and Paolo Vainer. (source)

Lauren Hutton for Elle Brazil July 2018

Henrique Gendre shot the covers. (source)

Amanda Wellsh for Elle Brazil June 2018

Will Vendramini shot the covers. (source)

Isabeli Fontana for Elle Brazil May 2018

The covers are shot by Nicole Heiniger, Hick Duarte and Bob Wolfenson. (source)

Three Covers of Elle Brazil December 2017

The cover stars are Lea T, Sonia Braga, Lázaro Ramos and Thaís Araujo. There are also two other covers, you can see it here and here. (source)

Two Covers of Elle Brazil October 2017

Linda Helena and Fernanda Oliveira are photographed by Cecilia Duarte for the covers. (source)

Alicia Keys for Elle Brazil September 2017

Alicia Keys is on the September covers of Elle Brazil photographed by Zoltan Tombor with styling by Juliana Gimenez. Fashion editor Lucas Boccalao. Hair and makeup by Marcia Hamilton and Chichi Saito. Art director Luciano Schmitz. (source)

Daphne Groeneveld for Elle Brazil August 2017

The cover is shot by Mark Abrahams. (source)

Valentina Sampaio for Elle Brazil July 2017

The cover is shot by Nicole Heiniger. (source)

Two Covers of Elle Brazil June 2017

Maria Borges and Hailey Baldwin are wearing white bandana in support of #TiedTogether (movement for solidarity, human unity and inclusiveness) on the June covers of Elle Brazil photographed by Mariana Maltoni. (source)

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