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Tom Holland & Zendaya for The Hollywood Reporter November 18th 2016

The cover is shot by David Needleman with styling by Law Roach. (source)

Paula Hawkins & Emily Blunt for The Hollywood Reporter October 2016

The Girl On The Train author Paula Hawkins and the movie adaptation star Emily Blunt are fronting this week’s The Hollywood Reporter cover shot by David Needleman. (source)

Four Covers of The Hollywood Reporter March 25th-April 01st 2016

The Hollywood Reporter has released their annual top stylists in entertainment industry list.

On their latest double issue covers (March 25th-April 01st) there are Leesa Evans and Amy Schumer; Brie Larson and Cristina Ehrlich; Rami Malek and Ilaria Urbinati; and Michael B. Jordan and Jeff K. Kim. See the complete list, here. (source)

Nicki Minaj for Billboard Magazine December 19th 2015

David Needleman snapped the cover. (source)

Geena Davis & Susan Sarandon for The Holywood Reporter July 04th 2014

The Thelma and Louise stars were photographed by David Needleman. (source)

Four Covers of Visual Tales Issue 9

The cover stars are actor Nico Tortorella (by David Needleman with styling by John Tan), model Chris Davis (by Arthur Elgort with styling by David Vandewal), model Chris Jackson (by Aingeru Zorita with styling by David Vandewal), and actor/model Reid Prebenda (by Candy Kennedy with styling by John Tan).

Images via Models.com

Four Covers of Visual Tales Issue 7

The details for four covers of Visual Tales‘ latest issue are: Andrey Smidll shot by Paul Maffi, styled by David Vandewal; Caroline Polachek and Patrick Wimberley of Chairlift shot by Alexander Wager, styled by John Tan; James Smith shot by Peter Stanglmaya, styled by David Vandewal; last but not least actor Vincent Kartheiser shot by David Needleman, also styled by John Tan.

Images via Models.com

Ricky Martin for The Advocate April 2012

The 40 year old singer was photographed by David Needleman for the cover.

Image via Cover Junkie.

Sportswear International #241 January/February 2012 Cover

UPDATED JANUARY 09th 2012: The model is Linus Gustin who was photographed by David Needleman and styled by John Tan for the cover.

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