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Freja Beha Erichsen for Dansk Issue 27 Spring Summer 2012

Danish top model Freja Beha Erichsen landed the second cover version of Dansk latest issue with the styling works by Cathrine Raben Davidsen and photographed by Christian Brylle.

Click here to view the other cover with Juliane Grüner.

Image via Design Scene.

Juliane Grüner for Dansk Issue 27 Spring Summer 2012

The current campaign star of Balenciaga and the former cover girl of Vogue Italia, Juliane Grüner, was photographed by Aitken Jolly and styled by Toby Grimditch for the latest cover image of Dansk.

Image via Models.com

Mathias Lauridsen for Dansk Issue 27 Spring Summer 2012 Teaser Cover

Top model Mathias Lauridsen was photographed by Mark Kean and styled by Toby Grimditch for the teaser cover of the latest issue of Dansk magazine.

Image via Fashion Copious.

Sigrid Agren for Dansk Issue 26 Autumn Winter 2011

“Something wicked this way comes”

The fierce Sigrid Agren landed the second cover option of Dansk Issue 26 Autumn Winter 2011 issue photographed also by Aitken Jolly. Click here to view the first cover released featuring Magdalena Frackowiak.

Image via Models.com

Magdalena Frackowiak for Dansk Issue 26 Autumn Winter 2011

Magdalena Frackowiak wearing Chanel and Noel Stewart hat on the latest cover of Dansk magazine photographed by Aitken Jolly with the styling works by Andrea Solvsten Thomsen.

Click here to view last year cover featuring Caroline Brasch Nielsen and here for 2009 cover featuring Gisele Bundchen.

Image via Models.com

Clement Chabernaud for Dansk Autumn/Winter 2011 Teaser Cover

Clement Chabernaud photographed by Alex Sainsbury and styled by Toby Grimditch for the teaser cover image of Dansk Autumn/Winter 2011.

Image via Sight Management

Thomas Penfound for Dansk Issue 25 Spring Summer 2011

Alla Kostromicheva by Michael Schwartz, fashion editor : Morgan Hamada Ruiz

Baptiste Giabiconi by Bojana Tatarska, fashion editor : Morgan Hamade Ruiz

Leomie Anderson & Tasha Franken by Rebecca Thomas, fashion editor : Anthony Stephinson

Paolo Anchisi by Chris Craymer, fashion editor : Toby Grimditch

Pete Harris by Thomas Lohr, fashion editor : Anders Solvsten Thomsen

UPDATED FEBRUARY 02nd, 2011 : Added 5 more preview images of the issue out today February 02nd, 2011 via FTape. The new design of the magazine starts with this issue and created by Design Unit, a Copenhagen based art directors.

Former Lanvin Menswear and Burberry campaign model, Thomas Penfound landed the cover of Dansk Issue 25 Spring Summer 2011 with a very unique make up where he was lensed by Aitken Jolly and styled by Andres Solvsten Thomsen. Below are teaser covers for the issue :

Baptiste Giabiconi by Bojana Tatarska

Ashley Smith by Joachim Mueller-Ruchholtz

Dansk Spring Summer 2011 Teaser Cover

Ashley Smith features for the teaser cover of Dansk Spring Summer 2011 issue which will hit the newsstands on February 03rd, 2011. She’s lensed by Joachim Mueller-Ruchholtz and styled by Anders Sølvsten Thomsen wearing Prada jacket and Cacharel sunglasses.

Gap toothed American, Ashley Smith could be not landing the actual cover because last issue of Dansk featured Malgosia Bela for cover preview and eventually Caroline Brasch Nielsen was the real cover girl.

Past cover girls including red haired Olga Sherer and the first cover girl for Emmanuelle Alt‘s first issue listed as Editor in Chief for Vogue Paris April 2011, Gisele Bundchen (Alt‘s full new direction on Vogue Paris will be for August issue)

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