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Elayne Kramer for D Magazine #741

Elayne Kramer by Christophe Kutner

Elisa Sednaoui for D Magazine #739

Elisa Sednaoui by Stefano Galuzzi

Image via Fashion Copious.

Byrdie Bell for D Magazine #738

Byrdie Bell by Christophe Kutner

Image via Fashion Copious.

Jacquetta Wheeler for D Magazine No.737

Jacquetta Wheeler by Julian Broad

Image via Periodici.

Lena Hardt for D Magazine #735

Lena Hardt by Julian Broad

Tasha Tilberg for D Magazine #734

Cassandra Smith for D Magazine #733

Cassandra Smith by Julian Broad

Lily Cole for D Magazine February 19th 2011

Lily Cole hair goes dark and she’s wearing Prada. Welcome back to magazine cover, Lily!

Image via Fashion Copious

Olga Serova & Maree Borisenko for D Magazine March 2011

Olga Serova and Maree Borisenko were lensed by Nagi Sakai for the latest cover of D Magazine while Tuan Anh Tran and Munemi Imai did the hair and make up.

Image via Models.com

D Magazine February 2011 Cover

Image via Fashion Copious

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