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Helena Christensen for D La Repubblica #870

Peter Lindbergh shot the cover. (source)

Rihanna for D La Repubblica #867

UPDATED NOVEMBER 25th 2013: @RihannaIndo confirmed that the image is an old one, not new.

It’s a new magazine cover, and new hair for Rihanna. (source)

Chiarra Mastroianni for D La Repubblica #861

The cover was photographed by Marcus Mam. (source)

Marina Abramovic for D La Repubblica #849

Image via Fashion Copious.

Laurene Powell Jobs for D La Repubblica June 08th 2013

Laurene Powell Jobs is an American business executive, co-founder and President of the Board of College Track, and widow of Steve Jobs, the co-founder and former CEO of Apple Inc.

Image via TFS.

Eva Longoria for D La Repubblica #839

Image via Fashion Copious.

Vanessa Paradis for D La Repubblica #837

Image via Fashion Copious.

Adele for D La Repubblica #836

Image via Fashion Copious.

Sofia Coppola for D La Repubblica #833

Andrew Durham snapped the cover.

Image via Fashion Copious.

Hillary Clinton for D La Repubblica #832

Image via Fashion Copious.

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