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Aaron Kwok, Kun Chen & Chiling Lin for Harper’s Bazaar China March 2016


Chiling Lin for Vogue Taiwan August 2015

The cover is photographed by Lee Shou Chih and Ariel Hsu. (source)

Featured Article: Vogue Taiwan 2012 Covers Recap

The problem with Vogue Taiwan‘s covers has always been that terrible bold font. which mostly in white. They should really change the fonts ASAP into something more flattering, elegant and sleeker. The cover images were not bad, but that ridiculous fonts and headlines always spoiled it. Can you imagine the covers with more minimalist headlines? It’ll be way better, non?

Most of their cover stars are returning to get another slot once again in 2012. Kwan Lun Mei, Amber Kuo, Cheryl Yang, Vivian Hsu, Shu Qi, Rainie Yang, and A-Mei Cheung are all landed last year covers, and featured again this year. The rest of the cover stars are Michelle Chen, Hsu Hsi Ti, Jolin Tsai, Chiling Lin and Zhang Rong Rong.

We are not looking forward for Vogue Taiwan‘s 2013 covers line up. Well, at least not until they change their layout and fonts. Click here to read our last year’s recap. And feel free to jump in the comment box below, and tell us your favourite image from the magazine this year (if there’s any).

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Chiling Lin for Vogue Taiwan October 2012

The cover was photographed by Tim Ho, with the styling works by Amber Yen-Chen Lo.

Click here to view last year October cover featuring Takeshi Kaneshiro, and here for 2010 cover with Rainie Yang.

Image via TFS.

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