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Samantha Harris for Madison Australia February 2012

The former cover girl of Vogue Australia was photographed by Carlotta Moye for the cover.

Image via Fashion Copious.

Vogue Australia 2011 Covers Recap

Vogue Australia are at its best when they using minimum texts, i.e the colorful March cover by Nicole Bentley featuring model Alina Baikova (who graced her second cover this year also by Bentley for November issue which also have stripes element in the cover!) and the stunning yet minimalist September cover featuring Katie Fogarty photographed by Kai Z Feng.

The only cover with texts that I liked was their January issue lensed by Carlotta Moye with that Tiffany green-ish masthead and the then 6.5 months pregnant Miranda Kerr. What about the other covers? Catherine McNeil‘s February issue by Max Doyle? I don’t really feel it, even though she looked great as always. Anja Rubik‘s April cover by Marcin Tyszka? Cool pose with glamour (read: gold) masthead, but I wished they used different color as the backdrop.

I don’t like their May (Kai Z Feng), June (Nicole Bentley) and July (Patrick Demarchelier) covers featuring Julia Nobis, Erin Wasson and a reprint of Gisele Bundchen respectively. I wish they took the cover shots somewhere other than in a studio.

Australian actress, Rachael Taylor graced the last cover with old text for August issue, photographed by Max Doyle, before making transitions to the minimalist cover series of September, October (top model Arizona Muse in three different covers photographed by Kai Z Feng, his third covers for the magazine this year) and November.

They closed this year with the simply perfect cover of December lensed by Max Doyle (his third covers this year, same as Nicole Bentley!)

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Better Pic of Miranda Kerr for Vogue Australia January 2011

Here is the better pic of 6.5 months pregnant Miranda Kerr lensed by Carlotta Moye.

Preview of Miranda Kerr for Vogue Australia January 2011

Vogue Australia is the first magazine to give preview of January 2011 cover !! And the lucky model is the pregnant Miranda Kerr !!

She’s lensed by Carlotta Moye in this very simple cover. Actually it’s a quite plain cover but Miranda is gorgeous!! So, she saved the cover 🙂

Thanks to TFS for the preview.

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