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Featured Article: BTS for Esquire US Winter 2020

The cover is captured Hong Jang Hyun with producer Lee Kyung Kim at BL Creative House. Stylists Hajung Lee, Hyesu Kim, Sil Hong, Heeji Seo, Bokyung Kim, and Chohee Lee.

Hair by Mujin Choi, Sohee Han, Hyein Lee, and Daeun Lee. Make up by Dareum Kim. Yuri Seo, and Sunmin Kim. Prop stylist by Seoyun Choi. (source)

Featured Article: BTS for WSJ Magazine November 2020

Hong Jang Hyun captures the Innovators Issue of WSJ Magazine featuring BTS, production by Lee Kyung Kim at BL Creative House. (source)

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