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Doona Bae, Scarlett Johansson & Deepika Padukone for Vogue US April 2019

UPDATED MARCH 15TH 2019: Added better quality cover and a new cover version with Lea Seydoux, Adesua Etomi-Wellington, Elizabeth Debicki, and Angelababy. (source)

Can’t wait to see the HQ cover and editorial for this issue! (source)

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Angelababy for GQ China May 2015

Chen Man photographed the cover. (source)

Angelababy for Harper’s Bazaar China February 2015


Angelababy for Vogue Taiwan July 2014

This is her fifth cover for the magazine. On the other note, this cover is such an improvement from their awful past lineup. (source)

Click here to view last year cover featuring Ivy Chen, here to view 2012 cover featuring Rainie Yang, and here to view 2011 cover featuring Zhou Xun.

Angelababy for Elle China No.13 July 2014

The covers are shot by Liang Zi. (source)

Angelababy for Vogue Taiwan January 2013

Click here to view 2012 cover featuring Michelle Chen, here for 2011 cover with Kwan Lun Mei, and here for 2010 cover with Godfrey Gao, Ethan Ruan & Mark Zhao.

Image via TFS.

Featured Article: Dazed & Confused 2012 Covers Recap

Dazed & Confused‘s covers are really diverse this year, in a good way. They produced some of the most interesting covers in their history.

We love Grimes‘ April issue, in which she was photographed by Hedi Slimane wearing the unmistakable Givenchy Spring Summer 2012 Haute Couture crystal nose ring and matching earrings. We love the crystal encrusted headpiece that artist Theo-Mass Lexileictous wears on the May cover, shot by Walter Pfeiffer. We love the eerie image of actor Noomi Rapace, by Sølve Sundsbø on the June issue. We also love how controversial their September issue was, with Azealia Banks blowing an inflated red condom, shot by Sharif Hamza.

Their October issue with model Joan Smalls and actor Sam Riley was subtly sexy yet seductive. They’re sensually bitting an apple to match the “Temptation” headline, photographed by Sean & Seng. Iris Apfel‘s November cover (in a bright Comme des Garçons voluminous dress) was one of our favourites this year as well. The 91 year old fashion icon looks amazing on the image snapped by Jeff Bark. Even though some people hated it, but their December issue with Angelababy, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, and Nicola Formichetti (all four images were photographed by Matt Irwin) was the most fun and playful images they’ve ever published.

The rest of the cover stars this year are actress Rooney Mara, rappers A$AP Rocky and Snoop Dogg, rising models Erjona Ala, Frida Aasen, Kati Nescher, Lara Mullen, and Zenia Sevastyanova.

Click here to read our 2010 recap from Dazed & Confused. Feel free to share your favourite cover from the magazine in the comment box below.

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Angelababy for Dazed & Confused December 2012

UPDATED NOVEMBER 14th 2012: Added three more covers featuring Angelababy, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and Nicola Formichetti via TFS. The covers were photographed by Matt Irwin.

The cover was photographed by Matt Irwin and guest edited by Nicola Formichetti.

Click here to view last year 20 different covers featuring Damian Hirst, Cillian Murphy, Eva Green, Kate Moss, Milla Jovovich, etc. Click here to view 2010 cover with Daft Punk, and here for 2009 cover with Abbey Lee Kershaw.

Image via TFS.

Vogue Taiwan 2011 Covers Recap

If only Vogue Taiwan change the horrible bold font, be more experimenting with backgrounds/outdoor settings and working things out with the cover layout, I think their front page line up could be better.

My only favourite this year is Takeshi Kaneshiro‘s October cover, the one where he sat down on a luxurious colored sofa. The text are minimum and that’s the kind of cover I’d like to see more coming from this Rosalie Huang edited magazine.

Shu Qi‘s March cover would’ve been another favourite if only the “spring break” headline not as boring as that. Ugh, I really hate that kind of font on a magazine cover.

The rest of the cover stars are: Taiwanese actresses Kwan Lun Mei for January, Amber Kuo for April, Cheryl Yang for May, Janine Chang for June, Zhou Xun for July, Vivian Hsu for August, Rainie Yang for November (she’s also a singer and host), Angelababy for December; singer Amei Chang for September; and anchor Hou Peicen for February.

To be honest, Vogue Taiwan is the weakest link in international Vogue covers and I’m really hoping they will work on that ASAP.

Do you have any favourite cover this year, guys?

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Angelababy for Vogue Taiwan December 2011

Hong Kong actress and model, Angelababy was photographed by Paul Tsang for the December cover of Vogue Taiwan.

Click here to view last year cover featuring Yung Yung Chang and here for 2009 cover featuring Yang Jinhua.

Image via TFS.

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