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ELLE Style Awards 2011

Well, it was my very first award show. Of course that year-end-awarding-event in high school doesn’t count! It feels great to just mingling, sipping wine and eat canapes (I do eat a lot, thank God to my great metabolism system) before the show started at 8.15 pm with a video presentation of Elle Indonesia‘s 3rd Anniversary fashion spreads with models Mateusz Rogenbuk (the March/April cover boy of Men’s Folio Indonesia) and the doll faced Ksenia Shapovalova (did you know that she was represented by Elite Milan?). Click here to visit the blog of Elle Indonesia‘s Associate Fashion Editor, Yoland Handoko, to see the superb fashion spreads of their 3rd Anniversary issue.

The first five awards of the night are Model of The Year – Kelly Tandiono (B Management) who looked so fresh in summer colored ensemble; Young Hairstylist of The Year – Tedza Syahriyal; Blogger of The Year – Michelle Koesnadi (the title will be ours next year, amen! LOL); Music Group of The Year – RAN (they also performed that night) and Woman Designer of The Year – Lenny Agustin who made an acceptance video due to her umrah to Mecca at the time.

Lenny Agustin presented five gold-ish looks and she was not the only designer held fashion show on the night. The others are Mel Ahyar/Luxurious Dream, Oka Diputra/Serenity Dream, Sapto Djojokartiko/Romantic Dream and Irsan/Surreal Dream. Edwan Handoko managed the choreography very well and the fabulous Qiqi Franky did the makeup. One of the highlights of the night was when Nien showed up from the opposite side of the runway and wearing a long-train kimono styled black dress. She walked gracefully and managed to presented the dress perfectly. Awesome!

The next five awards are Fashion Label of The Year – Danjyo Hiyoji; Young Make Up Artist of The Year – Husein Yunior; Young Photographer of The Year – Glenn Prasetya; Actress of The Year – Laura Basuki and Actor of The Year – Reza Rahadian. Teges Prita Soraya received a special award, Pond’s Woman of The Year and the much coveted award for Fashion Designer of The Year goes to our friend, Sapto Djojokartiko!! Congratulations mas Sapto, you deserved it!!

I’ll see you at ELLE Style Award 2012!

The 2011 ELLE Style Awards was held on Friday, April 29th 2011 at the new Citadines Hotel Sabang, Jakarta, Indonesia.

Amby of art8amby

Images by amby and via Sapto Djojokartiko.

The crowd

Blondes trio: Eugenia, Zoya & Masha at the make up and hair room

Nien, the girl who closed the fashion show in THAT Irsan dress!

Isabela & Priscilla posed after make up and hair

Yuni before the fashion show

Lenny Agustin fashion show

Mel Ahyar fashion show

Oka Diputra fashion show

Sapto Djojokartiko fashion show

Irsan fashion show

The long-train finale dress by Irsan

Music performance by Music Group of The Year winner - RAN

Model of The Year - Kelly Tandiono

Young Hairstylist of The Year - Tedza Syahriyal

Blogger of The Year - Michelle Koesnadi

Fashion Label of The Year - Danjyo Hiyoji

Pond's Woman of The Year - Teges Prita Soraya

Young Makeup Artist of The Year - Husein Yunior

Young Photographer of The Year - Glenn Prasetya

Actress of The Year - Laura Basuki

Actor of The Year - Reza Rahadian

Fashion Designer of The Year - Sapto Djojokartiko

Elle Indonesia's Editor In Chief - Adeline Juni Mewengkang

Model and Emcee of the night - Aline Adita

Elle Indonesia's Associate Fashion Editor - Yoland Handoko

Elle Indonesia's Beauty & Health Writer - Zefanya Deby Pangemanan

Former child singer and now a blogger, designer and stylist - Geofanny Jacobs Tambunan

Fashion designer - Ichwan Toha

Model of The Year 2011 - Kelly Tandiono of B Management

Actress of The Year 2011 - Laura Basuki

Miss Indonesia Universe 2008 - Zivanna Letisha Siregar

Elle Indonesia Styling Contest 2011

Kebaya display at Women's Week'11

Elle Indonesia just held the Elle Styling Contest 2011 where five groups of winners from the roadshow in five different universities competed at the final as a part of Women’s Week’11 on Friday, April 22nd 2011 at Senayan City atrium, Jakarta, Indonesia.

Twentyfirst Night opened the show with three songs and Ersa Mayori as the emcee looking good in a white top and Batik skirt with black peep toe stilleto. Each groups styled models from Look Models live on stage in 3 minutes for each look : Casual look and Sophisticated Career look where the wardrobe provided by Mango (there was also a fashion show by the Spanish clothing company presenting their latest collections). The judges for the event are Fashion Editor of Elle Indonesia, Anindita Saryuf; drummer and actress, Titi Sjuman; and fashion designer, Sapto Djojokartiko. They gave their honest comments about the styling made by the young stylists whether it’s good: a contestants mixed yellow and green skinny belts to matched the same hued dress or a bad one: NEVER put a heavily detailed top with structured blazer!

Receiving good reviews from the judges in both looks, Group 1 from ESMOD Jakarta announced as the winner of the contest and I think they will have a chance to get their work featured on the magazine as Anindita Saryuf said that they should send their portfolio to the magazine.

Twentyfirst Night

The winner : Group 1 from ESMOD Jakarta

Ersa Mayori, Anindita Saryuf, Titi Sjuman and Sapto Djojokartiko

It was also a special celebration for Elle Indonesia because they received an award from MURI Museum Rekor Indonesia/Indonesian Record Museum as “Majalah Tertebal di Indonesia/The Thickest Magazine in Indonesia” with whooping 632 pages of April 2011 edition which also their 3rd Anniversary Issue! Congratulations to Elle Indonesia and we are hoping that you could make an edition that will be named as the thickest magazine in the world! Amen.

MURI awarding by Mr. Jaya Suprana

Elle Indonesia Team

Editor In Chief of Elle Indonesia - Adeline Juni Mewengkang

Fashion Editor of Elle Indonesia - Anindita Saryuf

Titi Sjuman

Sapto Djojokartiko

Ersa Mayori

Images by Amby and via Sapto Djojokartiko.

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