Bazaar Fashion Concerto 2010

Philip Kwok strikes a pose!!!


Anti Damayanti at JIM


Icha Nurbani at B Management


Ichi Nurbani at B Management


Jessie Setiono


Jesslyn at Look




Revi at Glam

Advan Matthew, Sapto Djojokartiko's backstage photographer


Advina Ratnaningsih


Deno and Tracy Trinita


Drina Ciputra at JIM


Kimmy Jayanti at Look


Witri and Listi




Jeidy at B Management


A peek at the shoes by D & A Artshoes for Sapto Djojokartiko


Vien Febrina with her eerie pose! Loved it!!!


Tika, Revi & Ike


Anti Damayanti with the alien-esque eye patch


The hair!


Sapto Djojokartiko work on his finale dress

Ichi Nurbani with her eye patch


Ike with the wooden airplane hair piece


One of Bazaar Fashion Concerto 2010 catalogue girl, Sima at JIM


Julia Jamil after make up


The Invitation


Jessie Setiono




Natasha at Profile


Revi at Glam with full make up!


Ike, Ichi, Dina & Jessline


Vien Febrina

The Twins after the show


Jessie Setiono after the show


Julia Jamil after the show with her red scarf


Indonesia's foremost comedian, Amink and the uber cool Kimmy Jayanti

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