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Adut Akech, Amar Akway, Majesty Amare, Akon Changkou, Maty Fall Diba, Janet Jumbo, Abény Nhial, Nyagua Ruea & Anok Yai for Vogue UK February 2022

The covers are shot by Rafael Pavarotti. (source)

Featured Article: Shushu/Tong X Charles & Keith Capsule Collection 2022 Ad Campaign

Charles & Keith starting the new year with a dainty collaboration with rising Gen Z designer duo Shushu/Tong!

The limited-edition SHUSHU/TONG x CHARLES & KEITH capsule collection features two pairs of bags and shoes centred around the key motif of the rose, exploring its ephemeral beauty, fragility, and charm, which already hit selected Charles & Keith boutiques and available online through http://www.charleskeith.com. Uniting the inspirations and emotions of the brands, the unique imagery of the rose embodies the Shushu/Tong brand DNA – where the modern woman and unabashedly feminine details are juxtaposed – merged with the sensibilities and understated elegance that form the bedrock of Charles & Keith’s design ethos

“The rose has become a significant symbol in literature and art, usually representing love and desire. Traditionally, roses only bloomed once a year, which means it was destined to live for a short period of time. A fragile, withering rose exudes fleeting beauty. Sharp thorns line its soft, delicate branches; this danger is a metaphor for the price we sometimes need to pay for love. Contrasting colours of red and black form the backbone of the collection. Their opposition – passion and sophistication – exemplify the inescapable temptation that love brings,” Shushu/Tong said in a statement.

Charles & Keith Design Director Fredie Stevens added, “Charles & Keith is excited to continue the tradition of working with independent designers to bring unique iterations of our well-loved footwear and handbags to both new audiences and loyal fans of the brand. It was a pleasure collaborating with the dynamic Shushu/Tong duo, we’ve followed their brand’s evolution closely over the years and are great admirers of their work and design aesthetic — the latter, which has been beautifully synched with Charles & Keith’s signature shapes to create this truly unique collection.”

The feminine shape of Charles & Keith‘s signature Mary Jane pumps is offset with Shushu/Tong‘s playful innocence sensibility with edgy, chunky heels. A delicate rose embellishment intertwines across one side of each colour variation, giving the shoes a romantic charm while retaining their retro style.

The covetable handbags in the collection take on an elegant rectangular shape, with a wide adjustable ribbon-esque strap that allows it to be carried underarm or as a top handle. The black version is crafted from sleek satin and adorned with a patent rose in the same shade, while its crimson counterpart features a delicate, vintage-inspired rose pattern monogrammed on its glossy satin body. The bag’s interior is crafted from supple leather and finished off with hidden magnetic closure.

The campaign, directed by fashion photographer Zeng Wu Zhang and styled by Liu Xiao, draws inspiration from the duality of the brands, vividly bringing to life the whimsical SHUSHU/TONG x CHARLES & KEITH girl amidst a saturated, colour-blocked wonderland that evokes the charm of a bygone era. (source)

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