Featured Article: Kate Hudson for Women’s Health US December 2019

Kate Hudson covers the December 2019 issue of Women’s Health US, on stands November 26th. Inside, she opens up about creating her own business empire, how portion-control helped her lose weight post-baby #3, and how she successfully co-parents with her exes.

On building her business empire, which currently includes two clothing lines; Hail Mary Productions, her film and TV company; and the soon-to-launch spirits brand King St. Vodka:
“Why am I going to endorse something if I can build a business that’s more mindful and more
sustainable? That’s kind of where my head is—building business.”

On being careful not to take on too much:
“If I come in nine-to-five, do all my work, and shut off my phone, I can have a balanced life. I try not to let work spill into time with the kids, dinnertime, and in bed.”

On dropping weight post-baby #3 through stricter eating habits – eating small portions about 5 times a day:
“Unlike with the other two, I didn’t really have time to work out. It took a different kind of discipline. I feel good, energetic, and strong. I feel like myself again.”

On working out 4-times a week, and her favorite exercise, Pilates:
“I love how flexible I get and what it does to the shape of my body. I know I’m at my strongest when I’m doing my Pilates.” Image courtesy of Women’s Health US. (source)

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