Margot Robbie for Vogue Australia September 2019

The covers are shot by Mario Sorrenti. (source)

Click here to view last year cover featuring Kylie Jenner, here to view 2017 cover featuring Bella Hadid and Jordan Barrett, here to view 2016 cover featuring Selena Gomez, here to view 2015 cover featuring Nicole Kidman, here to view 2014 cover featuring Freja Beha Erichsen, here to view 2013 cover featuring Victoria Beckham, here to view 2012 covers featuring Bella Heathcote, here to view 2011 cover with Katie Fogarty, here for 2010 cover with Catherine McNeil and here for 2009 covers with Cate Blanchett.

One response to “Margot Robbie for Vogue Australia September 2019

  • Ron

    “Her shadow alone turns my heart to ice,
    and paints my face a fearful white:
    her eyes have the power to turn me to marble…”

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