Featured Article: Mariah Carey for Cosmopolitan US August 2019

The legendary diva covers the August 2019 issue of Cosmopolitan US, on stands July 16th. Inside, the music icon talks about making it before the YouTube era, her apparent preference for younger men, and shares advice for how to take a good selfie.

On the difference between her and the new breed of superstars:
“They have no idea what I went through as a child to even get to be an 18-year-old girl with a record deal. This was before you could just go on YouTube and sing.”

On growing up on Long Island as a mixed African-American, Venezuelan, and Irish girl with divorced parents and financial challenges:
“People didn’t understand who I was, what I was, my ethnicity, the fact that we didn’t have money.”

On how her rocky childhood shaped her love of Christmas:
“As a kid, I always hoped for great Christmases, and we didn’t have them. My brother and sister would come back to wherever I was with my mom, and they’d be fighting and ruining the holiday. I would still be like You know what? I just want to have the best time.”

On industry artists writing their own music:
“A lot of artists say they write, but they don’t really write. No offense to anybody, that’s just what I’ve seen.”

On her apparent preference for younger men:
“I haven’t had that many, but there has been a variety pack. I’ve only been with five people in my life, so I’m kind of a prude, honestly, compared to most others in the field.”

On the best birthday present she’s ever gotten:
“I don’t have birthdays.”

On her advice for taking a good selfie:
“Let someone else take the picture. Unpurse your lips!!! Ugh.” (source)

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