Featured Article: Ralph Lauren & Ricky Lauren for Town & Country November 2018

Celebrating 50 Years of Legendary Style, Ralph Lauren and his wife Ricky Lauren are the cover star of the November 2018 issue of Town & Country (on newsstands October 16th), captured by Pamela Hanson.

The magazine received exclusive access to photograph three generations of the Lauren family at their Bedford, NY home and this is the third time the Ralph & Ricky Lauren grace the cover (their first two T&C covers were in March 1992 and December 1996 together). On the heels of Lauren’s 50th Anniversary show during NYFW this September, Ralph opens up to the magazine about his fashion philosophy, how philanthropy pays a part in his life, his take on American fashion, and why he considers everything in his life to be personal.

On his fashion philosophy: “My philosophy has always been that I can sell chinos and T-shirts and $5,000 gowns – they just have to be the best of what they are.”

On how Ralph Lauren the man and the brand represent the U.S.: When I started, I felt that America was too much about mass production…Why should people go to Europe, to European brands, for good clothes? I wanted to show that we could do something American that was just as good. When I went to Russia to open a store in Moscow, I remember thinking, This is where my parents came from, and now I’m back here not just to open a store but to represent America, that Ralph Lauren is a big part of how they see America.”

On family: “I am very emotional about life and family – I’ve been married for 54 years. I’ve appreciated my life and my family, and I’ve been very lucky.

On his legacy: For me everything is personal. I realize that over the course of 50 years you could blow it or you could stand for something. I’ve worked hard, and I feel that I’ve made beauty, and I’ve made things that make people feel better. I don’t want to be remembered only for selling thousands of shirts.” (source)

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