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Featured Article: Chloë Sevigny for Town & Country August 2018

Photographed by the renowned Tina Barney, actress Chloë Sevigny (styled by Nicoletta Santoro in Valentino dress and Sethi Couture earrings and necklace) opens up to Town & Country magazine for their August 2018 issue about her upcoming film Lizzie – based on the fabled family murder story of Lizzie Borden – the challenges she faced serving as both actress and director for the project, why people don’t take her seriously as an actress, and why she finally joined Instagram.

In preparing for the role, Sevigny stayed in the Borden family home which she considered to be haunted. She says, “…I don’t normally get visited by ghosts, because I have a Catholic force field up all the time, but there was obviously a presence there.” The Borden Family home is currently for sale.

On what she wanted to convey for the infamous murder scene in Lizzie: “She’s so constrained in the whole movie that I really wanted it to be cathartic, for her and the audience. …I was just thinking about all of the rage women have. She’s very much smashing the patriarchy.”

On playing historical New England bag girl characters: “I was born in Massachusetts, and I’ve been drawn to those characters… There’s a whole contemporary interest in witches. I’ve written a short film that I’m going to begin in the next couple of months about these women and the powers they claim to have.”

On the challenges of directing a film: “I had to be the one to ask Kristen Stewart [to be in the movie], and I had to pursue her. That’s what difficult about producing – having to be pushy is hard for me.”

On not being taken seriously as an actress: “People should consider the variety of characters I’ve played, the different roles, and – for lack of a better word – the craft. I don’t think people recognize me as being a good actress. Some of them think I’m just into fashion.” (source)

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