Featured Article: #art8ambyinterview with Mara Kasanpawiro

Our latest #art8ambyinterview subject just secured a coveted slot of Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2018 Worldwide Exclusive at Paris Fashion Week under her belt! And who knew that this 16-year-old Dutch girl got Indonesian descent from her father side!?

Read on below to know more about the statuesque beauty.

You were an Worldwide Exclusive for Louis Vuitton recently for their Spring Summer 2018 fashion show, we’d like to hear about the exciting process!

In Holland I went to a casting to meet Ashley Brokaw, a short time after that my agent told me that I was in option for the Louis Vuitton show. I went to Paris to meet Nicolas (Ghesquière) and within a few days I was booked for the show. I was so incredibly happy when I heard this. The whole team was so sweet and caring and I had an amazing time working with them. Walking the show was like a dream coming true. It was such a beautiful collection and I am really grateful that I have been part of it.

We understand that you have Indonesian heritage, can you elaborate more about that? And have you ever visited Indonesia?

Yes, my mom is from the Netherlands and my dad from Indonesia. Sadly enough I haven’t been to Indonesia yet but I definitely would love to go there someday. It seems like a beautiful country and it would be interesting to see where my roots come from.

Who are the models that you look up to as inspiration to work in this industry? Have you ever met your favourite models/celebrity and get starstruck?

I think that it is really difficult to chose a specific person because there are so many models that do really great and are inspirational in their own way.

Opening major shows, gracing the cover of Vogue Italia and walking for Victoria’s Secret fashion show are some of models dreams. What would be your dream job in modeling industry?

For me, walking this show was already a dream that came true. Of course I hope to do more shows and I would love to shoot a campaign for a big brand or grace on the cover of Vogue Italia.

What is your favourite beauty routine and how do you keep your hair healthy during fashion week and after photo shoots?

After photo shoots and shows I love to wash my hair and use a hair mask. Instead of washing it out after a few minutes I like to keep it for a bit longer, or sometimes I wash it out the next day. It really helps to keep my hair soft. For skincare I don’t do that much. I always wash my skin properly and use a good moisturizer afterwards.

What are your essential things to pack during casting week?

I always bring a bottle of water, some food, and of course my heels. Beside this I always try to have something with me that I can do if I have to wait for a long time, for example a book/magazine to read or homework.

We learn that you are signed by some of the world’s top modelling agencies – Micha Models Amsterdam, Women Management Milan, Paris and New York, and Premier Models London, can you share to us the story behind how you started modelling?

I actually never thought of modelling myself before I started, until Micha scouted me on Instagram. Since then it has all started.

Which one these is more of your hobby: reading books, watching movies/tv series and listen to music? And who/what are your current favourites?

I prefer watching movies and tv series but I also love to listen to music. Designated Survivor has been one of my favourite series so far and when it comes to movies I like to watch thrillers. I listen to different styles of music but pop is my favourite.

What do you usually do during your free time? And do you have any hidden talent?

I love to go shopping, go for a run or just relax during my free time.

Lastly, what would you be doing if you weren’t modeling? And what is your guilty pleasure?

After I finished secondary school I want to work as an fulltime model. If I weren’t modelling, I would follow a study after. My guilty pleasure is chocolate and ice cream.

Mara Kasanpawiro is represented by Micha Models Amsterdam, Women Milan, Women Paris, Women Management New York, and Premier Models London.

Images are courtesy of Micha Models and Vogue Runway.

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