Featured Article: #art8ambyinterview with Laura Rakhman-Kidd

Meet Laura Rakhman-Kidd, 5’9″ Irish-Indonesian beauty who is currently reside in London and our next subject of #art8ambyinterview. Read on below to find out how she started modelling and why she keep 5 packets of Kerrygold butters on her fridge!

We learned that you have Indonesian heritage from your Father side, can you elaborate more about that? And what are your favourite things about Indonesia?

I was born in London, where my parents met. My mother moved us (I have two brothers and one sister) over to Ireland when I was about 7 or 8 as she didn’t want to raise us in the city. We moved around a fair bit but eventually settled in the country, in Ireland. I grew up desperately wishing I could live in London, I thought it would have been so cool, and I would have been really savvy! But looking back now I’m absolutely glad I grew up in Ireland, I was able to hold onto my naivety and wholesomeness for a lot longer than most kids.

As for Indonesia, I’ve only been twice. I went to Bali when I was two with my parents so I can’t remember it at all (the photos are sick though) and to Jakarta and Bandung to visit family when I was 12. We’ve never had much money and we’d all want to go as a family, so it’s difficult to get the cash for 5 tickets. Now that I’m modelling though, I would love to maybe try use work to get over and spend a few months there. Or even save up enough cash to bring all my family over, it’s been such a long time since I’ve seen that side of my family. My Nenek (Grandmother) and Kakek (Grandfather) have died since I’ve last seen them, and my father died a couple years ago. No one was able to get tickets to come over for the funeral so I haven’t even seen them since then. It would be really nice to reconnect and learn more about my family as my Dad was always the middleman between us, skyping them and calling them. My favourite thing about Indonesia is probably the food! It’s my favourite food, and the only way I’ve really got in touch with my roots. I love the intense, complex flavours and how you can see how much it’s been influenced in all the different regions. I love the time you can put into the food, it’s so rewarding and delicious. Since my Dad’s died I’ve really tried to learn about Indonesian cuisine, as he never taught us how to cook (which is a shame because he was an amazing chef). Cooking Indonesian food simultaneously gives me that feeling of comfort food and learning about myself.

How did you start your modelling career?

I did a couple hair modelling shows for friends of friends, but never thought anything of it. Then luckily a photographer who was with my current mother agent DMed me on Instagram and asked if I wanted to test. He introduced me to Anne, my mother agent, and the rest is history.

Who are the models that you look up to as inspiration? Have you ever met your favourite models/celebrity and get starstruck?

I remember coming across Charlotte Carey on Instagram and thinking she was so cool. You don’t really see South East Asian representation in fashion, at least not as much as East Asians. I was pretty pleased when I found out she was British/Indonesian. This was while I had just started modelling in Ireland and was realising how little representation there is of Asians in general in fashion and advertising. Seeing her made me think that maybe I could have a real go of modelling.

What is your beauty routine, and how do you maintain your slender physique?

I’m really bad a keeping to routines, haha! I’m kind of into skincare, I like taking the time to slather stuff on my face but usually I just wash it and slap Simple Moisturiser on. I’m lucky on the metabolism front so I don’t exercise at all, I’m actually really unfit. I have a terrible diet and never move. I think there’s butter running through my veins instead of actual blood, I’m disgusting.

What are the essential things you pack during travelling? Could you describe your style for casting week?

Another thing I’m really bad at! I always leave everything to the last minute so I’m forever forgetting things, but the list generally goes as such – adaptors, portable chargers, loooooads of books, sketchbook, earphones. I always bring a photo of me, my mammy and dad at the beach in Bali. Maybe a mini bottle of wine haha.

My style is whatever is clean and least crumpled, hastily grabbed from the carpet of clothes on my bedroom floor. Sometimes not clean.

Who is your all-time favourite singer or band? And what is your favourite TV shows to binge-watch?

Right now it’s Amy Winehouse. It changes a lot but anyone who knows me probably gets annoyed at me from sticking on an album every time I shower. I think she’s amazing.

Favourite shows are It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Archer, Rick and Morty, Eastbound and Down, Scrubs and QI.

And what is your guilty pleasure? Where is your favourite holiday destination?

BUTTER. Kerrygold butter. I keep 5 packets in my fridge at all times. I go through a pack a week (no lie) and hate running out so I always keep a little stock in case I’m too lazy to go to the shop/they don’t have it.

Probably Indonesia! I’m a hot weather gal and hate the cold. I’ve been thinking about getting an agency over there and just working/traveling there for a few months. We’ll see.

What do you usually do during your free time? Do you have hidden talent that nobody knows?

I read a lot, I write and cook. I like things I can really immerse myself in and take me out of my head. I’ve had a hectic few months this past while so I’ve been home when I have free time, being a little hermit. If I’m a bit less stressed I like to go to botanic gardens, museums and just walking around somewhere I haven’t been. I really like learning about the history behind places so I’m always dawdling looking at signs.

I don’t think so! I can pick up stuff with my toes, does that count?

Lastly, what would you be doing if you weren’t modeling?

God, I dunno. I’m really lucky that I got picked up for modelling to be honest, I dropped out of uni when I was 18 because I hated my course and was just waitressing for a while. Modelling’s pretty much my excuse for a now 3 year gap year. Maybe something like Art history or Philosophy, I quite fond of musing over things.

Laura Rakhman-Kidd is represented by Distinct Ireland, TESS Management London, Elite Stockholm, Core Germany, Unique Denmark and Trend Spain.

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