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Coach Fall Winter 2017 Ad Campaign

UPDATED JUNE 28TH 2017: Added new campaign image with Hiandra Martinez, Isilda Moreira, Kiki Willems, and Faretta. (source)

Selena Gomez is the new campaign face of Coach. The campaign is once again photographed by Steven Meisel. (source)

Click the links to view past campaign images of Coach: Spring Summer 2017, Pre Spring 2017, Fall Winter 2016, Pre Fall 2016, Spring Summer 2016, Fall Winter 2015, Spring Summer 2015, Fall Winter 2014, Spring Summer 2014, Fall Winter 2013, Pre Fall 2013, Spring Summer 2013, Holiday 2012, Fall Winter 2012, Spring Summer 2012, Fall Winter 2011, Spring Summer 2011, Fall Winter 2010 and Spring Summer 2010.

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