Featured Article: Indonesia Fashion Week 2013 – Sofie

Algoritmic was the theme for Sofie‘s latest fashion show that showcased during Indonesia Fashion Week 2013 last Thursday, February 14th, at Jakarta Convention Center.

This year, Sofie presented a totally different approach from his 2012 Explosion collection, that was also presented in the same event. No more bright, bubbly, flirty colors. There were only monochrome palettes, with a few dash of blue and brown. The cutting was so urban chic yet practical with lots of minis, sleeveless dress, and cropped jacket that surely can be mix and match with other pieces from the collection.

He used grapchic modern patterns, dots, houndstooth and checkered prints in most of the looks (it’s so on trend this season), which suprisingly matched to the distorted noisy industrial soundtrack. For the menswear, the choice of colors were far more subtle, but still considerably wearable with rolled up textured pants and jackets with unconventional cutting. Bold accesories like big necklaces with chain and two-tone leather shoes (few shoes came in three different colors or with patterns) completed the look.

View the complete runway looks on our Facebook fanpage, here.

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Please do not reproduce any images without permission. All images are courtesy of art8amby.

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