Kristen Stewart & Snow White for Herself Magazine No.2

Here’s the quote from Creative Review:

HERSELF magazine is biannual fashion magazine with a difference: every image (including every single ad for brands such as Gucci, Jil Sander, Givenchy etc) is illustrated. We talked to its art director to try and find out a little more…

HERSELF celebrates the staggering power of fashion, the beauty and seasonality of its clothes, the overwhelming status of brands, the never ending fascination with celebrity and icons,” says Thorbjørn Ankerstjerne, the magazine’s art director.

“It consists of 248 entirely illustrated pages which allows us to break boundaries of time and space, travelling everywhere,” Ankerstjerne continues. “We talk to legends and fairytale princesses as we recognise in them the contemporary taste for endless possibilities.”

And so it is that in the pages of HERSELF, fiction and reality blur and we find actress Kristen Stewart pictured next to Disney‘s Snow White (as on the cover, top most image), Cleopatra next to Elizabeth Taylor, and Kirsten Dunst next to Marie Antoinette. There’s even fashion stories starring such cartoon characters as Pocahontas and the Little Mermaid modelling clothes and jewellery.

Check out the fun illustrated fashion campaigns, below! And, click here to view Herself magazine’s first cover featuring an illustrated Kate Moss.

Images via TFS and Creative Review.

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