Featured Article: Mel Ahyar 2012-2013

Sapto Djojokartiko (click here to read our coverage on his show) isn’t the only ESMOD alumnus who presented the latest collection during ESMOD Jakarta Fashion Festival 2012 earlier this month. Fellow alumni, Mel Ahyar, shown her latest collection at Skeeno Hall, Gandaria City, entitled “The Scrapbook” which gained positive buzz and reviews amongst Indonesian fashion people.

She combined two different fabrics to created edgy and fun looks in which tweed, tulle and lamé made quite a number of appearances. With her exceptionally fun shapes, quirky patchworks and embroideries, she made her latest collection very attention-grabber yet impressive. Especially with the cheeky face masks that made it looks theatrical and also the used of corsets as accent.

The colors are mostly muted and black, but that’s what made it subtly special because you can wear it and yet people are still pay attention because of the unique details. It’s amazing that she didn’t go crazy on the accessories, because only platform ankle straps that completed the looks. Now, we’re intrigued to see more from her.

Browse through our Facebook fanpage for the complete runway images from Mel Ahyar.

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All images courtesy of art8amby.

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